Albopalooza Explanation

Q.What the h@#* is this? 

A.Albopalooza NOVA happens every two years.  It’ is Delegate Dave Albo’s fundraiser for friends and constituents.  It’ is unlike any fundraiser you have ever been to because … it’s actually fun!  Don’t expect croissants and brie, nor pinot noir or Grey Goose.  Dave serves cold American beer, soda and munchies.  And don’t expect “small talk” while you plan your escape because the event is boring that you would rather get home to watch Dancing with the Stars re-runs.  You’ will want to stay because Dave’s band plays a set of 12 classic rock songs at Fairfax County’s premier rock club - JAXX.  And this year, his fellow WSHS alumni, friends and constituents will also be playing in this Springfield Rock  Extravaganza!

Q.Why is Dave raising $?  Didn’t I just donate?

A.Yes, you did, and Dave says, “Thank you,  – thank you,  – thank you.”  However, the reason Dave continues to win in a district that voted 58% for Barrack Obama, is that Dave is invested in the community.  (Did you know that Dave donates ½ of his House of Delegates salary to local charities?)   Being invested in the community requires lots of resources.  For example, Dave contributes to little league teams, local school band and sports programs, and local charities like LCAC and ECHO.  Add to that, newsletters at $7,000 a piece, staff costs, rent, internet, etc. … and you can see that campaigning in Fairfax County as a Republican is an expensive 24/7, 365 days a year effort.

Q.Band?  Did you say “Dave’s band?”

A.Yes, the band is comprised of Dave on bass, Delegate John Cosgrove on lead vocals, and the recently retired Delegate Sam Nixon on keyboards.  Rounding out the band are Dave’s friends and the star of the show - Rita Albo on tambourine.  The band is better than the Lady Gaga but not as good as The Rolling Stones.  An extra bonus this year is nearly every other elected Republican in NOVA will be playing with the band on a cowbell and & tambourine jam!

Q.  Can I afford it?

A.  Yes you can!  For those who have been hit by the recession but still want to go to Albopalooza and support Dave, we set the single ticket donation at only $35.  That’s practically free!  It includes all beverages and munchies.  On top of that, you get a priceless concert t-shirt soon to become a collectors item.  Wait 10 years and sell the shirt on e-bay for $250,000.  Voila – you just made $249,965.

Q.  Can I bring my friends? 

A.  Yes, please do.  But RSVP early because, we came close to selling out in 2008.

Q.  I noticed that I can donate to either “Dave Albo for Delegate” or “Dominion Leadership Trust.” – What’s that about?

A.  For people who live outside Dave’s district, we thought they may want to contribute to the “Dominion Leadership Trust,” which is the Speaker of the House’s PAC that works to elect Republicans throughout Virginia.  Either one is fine!


Thanks to all who attended and contributed to Albopalooza VIII.  We had 375 people partying like rock stars at JAXX.  And as a side benefit, we raised money to help Dave improve their neighborhood and make Virginia the best place in the world to live!  Don’t miss it next year.  It was a FUNdraiser that put the “fun” back into “fundraiser.”

WSHS friends of Dave played this year at Albopalooza

Albopalooza VIII

Authorized and Paid for by Dave Albo for Delegate