October 8, 2015

October 8, 2015

Absolutely top attorney

I truly cannot recommend Mr. Oblon strongly enough. If you are considering retaining him, please, just go ahead and do it.

The entire experience with him in my case, from beginning to end, was absolutely exemplary. From the moment I met him at his office, to the conclusion of my case, I always felt as though I was in the absolute best hands.

After a few consultations with other attorneys, I immediately signed with him. I was immediately struck by how professional he was, and how personable, and immediately felt that I would get a high degree of personal attention to my case and its particulars.

I was not mistaken. Even the interaction with his assistants was notable. During each interaction, he was able to clearly and effortlessly explain his thoughts about my case at any level of detail that I needed, and I felt very comfortable that I had a full understanding of issues and strategies all times.

When it came to my case, after getting his expert advice, my ultimate decision was to go to trial. I must say, as impressed as I was with Mr. Oblon beforehand, I was even 10 times as impressed with his performance in court.

The care, precision and skill with which he handled my case blew me away. His ability to frame the points of the case and provide an overwhelmingly compelling argument for reasonable doubt in my case was nothing short of amazing. His delivery was concise, respectful, yet very strong. Despite testimony of two police officers and an expert witness *against* me in court, we were victorious and had my case dropped.

Even if we had lost the case, I honestly would have been 100% satisfied that no other attorney could have done any better. Although my case was a DUI case, I would and will without a shadow of a doubt retain him again for any of the many other areas he covers.

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