May 20, 2016

May 20, 2016

Best Employment Defense Litigator!

As a small business owner, I thought I was well prepared for all challenges. However, after terminating an employee for lying, my business was sued for a host of false claims including discrimination. One would think that Virginia law would protect employers from ludicrous, false claims, but it does not. An employee simply needs to allege facts – often exaggerated, and in our case, complete lies…and you end up having to defend the business and its reputation in court. These employees, often termed “tort terrorists” sue to avail a quick settlement. In our case, that was the intention.

He chose the wrong business to sue!

I brought in Attorney Oblon to defend my 18 year old business. He understood the terms – no settlement. The claims were false and my business would not relent to settlement based on any risk/cost-benefit analysis. This plaintiff was not going to terrorize my business and make a quick dollar (he actually sued for six figures).

Attorney Oblon was perfect and was brought in after complete due diligence on our part. He had the sterling reputation we desired and has a way of aggressively posturing in court without upsetting Judges.

He is client driven and extremely quick to analyze arguments and counter them in the thick of a courtroom battle. He brought the plaintiff to his knees quickly and the final blow came with a motion for sanctions. This motion was never heard in court because the plaintiff quickly realized that he had chosen the wrong defendant and the wrong employment defense attorney.

Attorney Oblon saved my business reputation and gave me great peace of mind through out the process. I would recommend him highly for any business seeking to defend itself in court. Superb attorney!

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