Stereotypical Lawyer

In my first ever true need of a lawyer, I found Oblon searching through the internet. On a short turnaround and with no other resources I made my way.
Initial visit was pleasant, with nice promises of doing whatever possible. Very typical one would assume, until the cost. Told me that that did flat rate pricing and that it would be just over $4000 for services of having someone (not him) show up to court once for hearing and for him showing up to trial. Being that I was limited on time, and not knowing what pricing should have been (other than expensive) I paid the amount. Having looked around since then I severely overpaid with not even a thought of compensation from Oblon.
Leading up to court i asked several times what I would need, when to be where, and asked if we would meet again. I got quick responses over email telling me not to worry, he would simply meet me before the trial date.
Trial date shows up, and he is late to court, which apparently isn’t a big deal except to me. So with no explanation, I called his office several times and talked to an impatient and unpleasant receptionist who basically told me tough, and to stop calling, he would be there when he gets there. Oblon comes in about 20 minutes late saying he is surprised we are the first case. He “negotiates” with the DA and basically tells me to take whatever she is offering, basically with very little interpretation and tells me it is up to me to make a decision. Wow, I could have done that easily without him, and certainly without paying him $4k to show up late, stay for 20 min and tell me to write a check and walk out.
This or at least I should have just hired the cheapest guy in town to do the same. Perhaps I expect to much of people to be genuine and live up to minimum expectations, especially when they take a large amount of money from me in the process.
Would severely not recommend using.
Extremely disappointed in performance, despite fully expecting the result of my case.

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