December 23, 2013

December 23, 2013

Obstruction of Justice

Mr. Oblon defended me in a case of police abusing their authority and charging me with obstruction of justice when I protested a police activity. It was extremely hard to defend because it was my word against the powerful police, who was plain out lying. To top that, I am an immigrant with a very thick accent. Everything was on the line: my record, my ability to earn a living, my freedom.

Mr. Oblon planned the defense extremely well. We had a Jury trial and had lined up 3 witnesses. In court, he was very articulate and elegant. He was on top of the case and objected to all the prosecution’s tricks. After selecting the Jury, the prosecution and the police presented their “story”. Mr. Oblon, who was very well prepared, presented the case law. He skilfully contrasted it with the police testimony, and argued the charge had to be dismissed. The Judge took some time to review the law and came back, found me innocent and dismissed the case. I did not even have to say my story! The Court dismissed my case on Mr. Oblon’s Motion to Strike. This means that the Judge decided that, as a matter of law, the case had to be dismissed before it even went to a Jury!

I should add that throughout my ordeal, Mr. Oblon was very supportive. He took his time to listen to my story and the events. He spent many hours to explain to me and my witnesses all the little details of the law and the trial procedures, so that we did not have any surprises. One can imagine how much stress I was under, but Mr. Oblong was very reassuring and confident. He was immediately responsive to all my requests.

I could have never wished for a more positive outcome of my case. I strongly recommend him to all my friends. In these difficult times, where citizen’s freedoms are challenged by the powerful, Mr. Oblon is the best defense attorney one can have.

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