February 16, 2015

February 16, 2015

Public Drunkeness and Profanity 17.7 – “DIP” Trial – Outcome: Not Guilty

David Oblon was great throughout my trial process and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone that needs professional representation.

I was wrongfully arrested for being drunk in public “DIP” in Arlington, VA by a police officer who made the arrest out of anger/ assumption rather than fact. Being arrested for “DIP” is not something that I wanted, nor should anyone want on their permanent record – especially if you know you were not guilty of this. In Arlington County, Public Drunkenness and Profanity defined under 17-7. states “It shall be unlawful for any person to be drunk or profanely to curse or swear in any public place in the County.”

David agreed to meet with me for my FREE consultation and we went through everything in great detail, from what occurred the night of my arrest to what to expect from the prosecutor, judge and the arresting police officer during trial. He also went through what the implications of being found guilty would be from a permanent record perspective as well as the financial implications that I would incur from the court. This was once again, during my FREE consultation. David was able to immediately build a case on my behalf and gave me what he though were my chances of being found not guilty. Due to David’s confidence and attention to detail, I immediately felt comfortable having David represent me in court.

Before my court date even took place, David was also able to arrange a plea deal with the prosecutor for me, for if I wanted a “sure thing” outcome. That would have included a guilty plead, community service and a fine – but no conviction. This would have been a great offer for someone who was in fact guilty, but we decided to go to trial.

As I mentioned, I was arrested and charged with “DIP” and although I did use profanity that night, David clarified with the judge and prosecutor that Arlington County would be going after the “drunkenness” portion of this charge, not profanity – positioning us to win the trial. After the police officer testified and I myself testified to the events of that night, David continued to build his case and I was found not guilty.

David is an experienced lawyer that pays attention to detail, is responsive to his clients (via phone or email) and will work hard to get the best possible outcome for his clients. I would use David’s services for any type of legal trouble I may encounter in the future and would absolutely recommend him to a friend or anyone.

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