The Dave Albo and Traffic Law Firm, LLP 2017 Civil Justice Scholarship

The Dave Albo and Traffic Law Firm, LLP 2017 Civil Justice Scholarship

If you are interested in civil justice and rights protection, you are encouraged to apply for the civil justice scholarship from Dave Albo – Attorney, LLP.

Founded in 1995, Dave Albo – Attorney, LLP has become a national law firm backed by an ardent reputation. As lawyers, we are advocates of rights protection and ensuring that people understand them to their fullest. This includes the ability to access the US civil justice system without being discriminated by social, financial, ethnic, religious, or other personal identifying factors.

It is our ambition to empower the youth of tomorrow by giving them funds to help reach their goals and dreams.

Eligibility and Selection

The civil justice scholarship is worth $500 and can be applied for by junior and senior high school students and college students who are enrolled in a US accredited program. It is not necessary to be pursuing a degree in legal studies, but we do ask that applicants have an interest in civil justice. This should be able to be shown through volunteer, work, or educational experiences and opportunities.

The scholarship can be used for current or prospective tuition, books, or other relevant fees.

We ask that applicants have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and be in good academic standing.

Submitting Your Application

To apply for the scholarship, please make sure you send us:

  • An updated resume
  • An unofficial school transcript
  • A 1000 word essay that discusses the following question:

What do you believe could be effective steps taken by society to ensure everyone has equal access to the US civil justice system?

Once you have completed the application, please submit it to us along with your contact details before the submission end date.

Scholarship Submission End Date: 12/15/2017

Scholarship Award Announcement Date: 1/15/2018