Careless Driving Lawyer Fairfax

Careless Driving Lawyer Fairfax

Careless Driving Lawyer Fairfax Careless Driving Lawyer Fairfax

If you think that reckless driving is just like any other traffic ticket, a careless driving lawyer in Fairfax will tell you to think again. A reckless driving charge is not something you can easily pay without visiting court and it is not something that can drop off your driving record like a speeding ticket. Instead, if a police officer has charged you with reckless driving, you may be facing serious criminal charges. Reckless driving can be a very broad term that encompasses many types of driving. Dave Albo – Attorney, a careless driving lawyer representing Fairfax wants to ensure you are represented at court, and that you have the legal assistance you need. If you attempt to represent yourself in a Virginia courtroom, you may find out too late that you should have hired Dave Albo – Attorney. For more information on how our Fairfax careless driving lawyer can represent you regarding your reckless driving charge, call us now.

What does “reckless driving” mean?

Reckless driving can mean many things and it will differ depending on the state you were charged in. Typically, when an officer charges you with reckless driving you are considered a danger to yourself or others on the road and were not operating your vehicle in a safe and careful manner. An officer might charge you if you pass a school bus illegally or if you drive over 80 MPH. It’s important that you speak with your reckless driving lawyer in Fairfax VA to discuss your specific charges.

What is a “wet reckless?”

Many times, someone charged with a DUI can get their charges reduced to a wet reckless with the guidance of a Fairfax careless driving lawyer. This can be a good option if you were charged with a DUI because a wet reckless will likely have less severe penalties than a DUI would. A wet reckless involves driving with alcohol in some way. While a DUI and a wet reckless can both be misdemeanors, you will likely face larger fines, longer jail time, and more severe punishments if you are convicted of a DUI instead of a wet reckless.

Can I represent myself?

Yes, if you are charged with reckless driving, you have the right to represent yourself in court. However, our Fairfax based careless driving lawyers recommend avoiding this at all costs because you will not know the legal protocols surrounding your court appearance. Further, you will have a better chance of having your charges reduced or dropped entirely if you have a trusted criminal defense attorney on your side to defend you in court. When it comes to the potential for having a criminal record, you should never leave it up to chance. A careless driving lawyer in Fairfax from Dave Albo – Attorney will know the court system, work with you to build your defense, and represent you when you need it in court.

Who should I call?

If you are looking for a lawyer  to help you with your reckless driving ticket, please call Dave Albo – Attorney for more information. Our careless driving lawyer from Fairfax will work hard to help clients get the outcome they deserve.


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