David B. Albo Public Service Scholarship, 2018

David B. Albo Public Service Scholarship, 2018

Attorney, David B. Albo, believes that public service is a cornerstone of strong and healthy communities. His criminal defense career has focused on serving those who may be overlooked by the justice system. He takes pride in providing a service that can benefit people from all walks of life.

Mr. Albo is also proud to work with and live in a community of people who share his passion for public service. He believes in supporting individuals who make valuable contributions to their communities. Mr. Albo believes that fostering the education of someone like this will bring positive returns for future generations for many years to come.

Because of this we have created the David B. Albo Public Service Scholarship, 2018 for a student who has public service goals that are similar to the goals of Mr. Albo’s firm.

Eligibility Criteria

  • This scholarship is open to any student who is currently enrolled in an accredited undergraduate, graduate, or professional, program in the United States. This includes accredited community college students; and high school seniors (and students who possess a GED) who have been accepted to or enrolled in an accredited program.
  • The scholarship applicant must be able to demonstrate a commitment to public service and to be able to explain how their education goals will help them to be able to do this in the future
  • All eligible candidates must be in good academic standing with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 or above.

Essay Question

Respond to the following prompt and questions, in 1,000 words or less:

  • Tell us about a volunteer experience where you worked to make your community a better place. This may be through a structured organization such as a non-profit or a religious institution, or it may be through unstructured activities, such as giving your time and energy to help a neighbor or a family in need.

  We ask that you be able to demonstrate that you have spent a minimum of 25 hours volunteering for this cause.

  • Why was your service valuable?
  • What did you personally gain from this experience?
  • How has this experience informed your education goals?

Application Materials

  • Updated resume
  • Essay, 1,000 word maximum. See essay question above.
  • Current unofficial transcript

Submission Deadline: May 15, 2018  (All application materials must be submitted by this date)

Award Announcement:  June 15, 2018

Scholarship Amount: $1,000

Application Instructions

Scholarship applicants must submit all application materials (see above) by email to: dave@davealbo.com

If you have questions, please feel free to email dave@davealbo.com