March 4, 2015

March 4, 2015

Gross negligence

He will not listen to you and understand your case like mine it was simple petty theft which I did not even commit. Before taking money from me he was confident to win the case but right after taking $8500 from he started talking in favor of public prosecutor and try to get me accept the probation offer and when I refuse to plead guilty he started showing me how my case is weak, he got me convicted because in court he did not open his mouth, the prosecutor did not even had evidence but she was good and confident to win and she did.I regret retaining him he charges big fees but he is not professionally capable of defense. You can retain this but you will get to learn on very expensive and disappointing cost.

David Barr Albo’s response

“This person must have me confused with someone else. None of my clients charged with a first offense Petit Larceny have ever been convicted of Petit Larceny. In nearly 30 years of practicing law, I can not think of a single client of mine charged with first offense Petit Larceny ever being convicted of it. This is because the Court has a process to allow people to do community service in exchange for a dismissal. Secondly, I have never charged anything close to $8,500 for a Petit Larceny. Our normal fee would be between $1,500 to $2,200 depending upon the complexity of the case. Finally, there is an automatic right of appeal on a Petit Larceny. So if this individual was not happy with his/her outcome, he/she could have just appealed it and started over. If he/she were my client, and he/she did not like the outcome, I would have appealed the case for them and started over.”

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