What You Should Do if Your Constitutional Rights Are Violated

What You Should Do if Your Constitutional Rights Are Violated

In the United States, all citizens have certain protections and rights under the Constitution. Most people won’t likely be in a position where these rights are in question. However, if you become involved in a legal battle, you may face these challenges and questions. It is not unheard of for accused criminals to be treated unfairly. If you have been arrested, are on trial or find yourself at any stage of the criminal justice process, be aware of your rights and what to do if you believe they have been compromised. 

Problems with Your Arrest

You’ve no doubt seen movies and television shows that depict arresting officers hauling away a suspecting criminal in handcuffs, reading that person his or her rights. These Miranda rights spell out what this individual is entitled to at this time. This includes the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. If the officer fails to read these rights or does not honor them, you could have a valid case to argue that your rights were violated. 

Problems With Questioning 

At the police station, investigators will meet with you to discuss the circumstances that lead to your arrest. In this series of questions, you are allowed to have your attorney with you. Your lawyer may advise you to not answer certain questions. If you are denied this opportunity, your rights have been violated. 

Problems at Your trial

You are entitled to a fair trial. Your rights may be violated if you are denied legal counsel or if you believe the jury is not composed of unbiased peers. 

Where to Turn for Help

If at any time during your criminal case you believe your constitutional rights were not respected, talk to a criminal defense attorney, like from Morales Law Firm, right away. Your attorney has the knowledge and training to take the right steps to fight for your interests. An experienced lawyer will take these matters seriously and ensure that you get the treatment you deserve. Not only may your case be thrown out, but you may have the option to file a lawsuit against the agency or entity that violated your rights. Your attorney will review the matter and walk you through the right steps in this process.

Your lawyer will take your rights and liberties seriously throughout your case. Even if you have committed a serious error, you should have every opportunity to defend yourself and receive fair and just treatment. 

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