DUI Conviction Lawyer Fairfax

DUI Conviction Lawyer Fairfax

DUI Conviction Lawyer – Fairfax DUI Conviction Lawyer - Fairfax

When you are facing DUI charges, and you’ve made the decision to find out what a Fairfax, VA reckless driving lawyer has to say, you can feel confident in knowing you are doing the right thing. By exploring your legal options and weighing out the pros of cons of each one, you may be able to alleviate some or all of the consequences associated with being charged with a DUI. Dave Albo – Attorney is dedicated to ensuring that his clients are given the strongest representation possible, so that even if it isn’t possible to get a client’s charges dropped, that client will have the best possible chance at having potential consequences mitigated. If you’ve been arrested on a DUI charge and you have already been released by law enforcement officials, it’s not too late to mount a strong defense. While it’s ideal to speak with a Fairfax DUI conviction lawyer as soon as you’ve been arrested (and before you submit to questioning), you still have plenty of strategic defenses available to you. As you prepare for your consultation with our firm’s legal team, consider the following information. We’ll answer all of your questions when you meet with us, but it never hurts to mull over basic questions in your mind in case they spark additional questions you’d like to have answered by our team. 

Questions to Ask a DUI Lawyer

What Are the Primary Areas You Practice In?

Some lawyers offer DUI services, yet their primary area of focus might be on whitecollar crime or family law. It’s helpful to know that a lawyer’s practice is centered around DUIs, and other criminal charges. 

What Is Your Experience in Handling DUIs?

Your lawyer should have significant experience handling DUIs. It is perfectly okay to ask us about this, as well as, their overall track record. Understanding a Fairfax DUI conviction lawyer’s record of success will help you to feel comfortable with your representation. This is critical, as criminal cases take time to resolve and you don’t want to walk around anxious 100% of the time until yours comes to a close. 

Who Will Handle My Case?

Large law firms tend to have many lawyers and paralegals. It is not uncommon for the person you have a consultation with to not be the lawyer who handles your case. Make sure to ask us about how our small firm handles client experience. You should know what you can expect from us at all times. 

What Kind of Outcome Might I Expect?

During your consultation, our Fairfax DUI conviction lawyer will discuss your unique set of circumstances with you, including your case’s strengths and weaknesses. We will then discuss potential options and a strategy for defense. It should be said, that honesty is important. The more accurate and truthful you are when describing the details of your case, the better we will be able to develop a good strategy for its defense. We look forward to speaking with you.  Call Dave Albo – Attorney today!


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