Traffic Lawyer Fairfax, VA

Traffic Lawyer Fairfax, VA

Traffic Lawyer Fairfax, VANever underestimate the potential impact of a traffic ticket; without the help of a traffic lawyer Fairfax VA residents can trust, you may be facing serious penalties. Most people don’t even realize the extent of these consequences until it’s too late. For example, you might have your driving license suspended in addition to being responsible for paying fines. In some cases, you might even be facing jail time. Your insurance coverage could even be terminated or be subject to much higher rates after you’ve been convicted for a traffic offense.

Unfortunately, too many people have the impression that traffic tickets and similar charges are minor issues that don’t require the insight of a lawyer. Thinking this way can be a big mistake. Some of the most serious offenses that should prompt you to contact a traffic lawyer Fairfax VA is proud to have representing those who have been accused include:

  • Driving on a suspended license
  • Driving while intoxicated, and
  • Reckless driving.

A Fairfax traffic lawyer can help.

Traffic Court

Many traffic offenses mandate an in-person appearance by the person who has been charged. Most of the time, an attorney can attend this on your behalf, but this will depend on the charges you’re facing. Having a traffic lawyer Fairfax VA community members have relied on for years can help you determine how to optimally defend yourself.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in a traffic case is the assumption that it’s best to simply pay the fine, admit guilt, and put the matter behind you. Most people don’t realize there are major consequences for doing this including indicating that you accept guilt. Paying the fine might seem like the easy thing to do, but your insurance company can use that admitted guilt to raise your rates. Rack up too many of these tickets and you’re looking at more serious consequences.

Another mistake people often make without the help of a traffic lawyer Fairfax VA relies on is assuming that there’s nothing you can do to fight the charges. It’s one of the most common reasons that people simply accept the citation or ticket, make the payment, and then forget about it. They assume it’s a foregone conclusion that you’re guilty and that you now have to deal with all the penalties associated with that admitted guilt. That’s simply not true, however. There are many reasons that you may want to fight a ticket and there are more avenues to do this than most people think. As but two examples; officers don’t always follow procedures and speed guns are not always properly calibrated.

Finding the right traffic lawyer Fairfax VA ticket recipients have entrusted for years can help you. He or she can help you determine all your options to fight the ticket. You should never assume you’re guilty just because you got a ticket.

Do I need a Traffic lawyer for Traffic Court?

I’m a traffic lawyer Fairfax, Va. turns to. Everyday I get a call from a person who got a traffic ticket. I always say, “Tell me about your situation, because you may not need a traffic lawyer.” This is because Traffic Court can hear cases about little inconsequential matters such as a lack of an inspection sticker (where all the Judge can do is fine you, and they usually dismiss it if you get it done prior to court) to some DUIs with mandatory jail sentences. The unhelpful lawyerly answer to the question is, “It depends.”

Note: Our lawyers practice in Fairfax, and all other counties of Virginia. We have offices in Fairfax, Arlington, and Staunton. We reference Fairfax, Va. in this article because it is the largest jurisdiction in Virginia with the most rigid procedures. Work done to Fairfax standards meets or exceeds the standards in every other jurisdiction in the Commonwealth, so it is common to use it as a benchmark.

A traffic lawyer Fairfax, Va will first ask you what type of charge you have and what your driving record is like. With these two pieces of critical information, an experienced traffic lawyer can tell you if you need an attorney or not.

Traffic Crimes Versus Traffic Infractions

If your offense is a traffic crime, then you should hire a traffic lawyer Fairfax, Va.

If you have been charged with a traffic crime, you should hire a traffic lawyer Fairfax, Va. Common traffic crimes include, DUI, Reckless Driving, Driving on a Suspended License, Hit & Run, and No Operators License. These could result in jail and some of them, if convicted, will be put on your permanent criminal record.

If your offense is a traffic infraction, then you may or may not need a traffic lawyer Fairfax Va.

The non-criminal traffic charges are known as “traffic infractions.” The maximum punishment for a traffic infraction is usually $250. (There are some add-on financial penalties, such as Speeding in a Highway Safety Corridor, so look at your code section in the Virginia Code to see what the maximum punishment is).

So, as you can tell above, most people will not want to hire a traffic lawyer Fairfax, Va for a legal fee of $1,500 or more when the maximum punishment for a traffic infraction cannot be any higher than $250. There are other considerations, though. If your driving record is bad, while the Court cannot suspend your license for a traffic infraction, the DMV may do so if you have accumulated too many points. You can look on the DMV web site to determine if the DMV will suspend your license.

Also, many people ask me, “What will my insurance do?” That is not a legal question. That is an insurance question. I suggest that you contact your insurance agent and he/she can tell you if your rates will go up. Every insurance company has a different policy concerning points and infractions.

In summary, if your charge is just a traffic infraction, you may not want to pay for a traffic lawyer unless your driving record is bad. If it is bad, you may need to challenge that traffic infraction, and to do so you would be better off hiring a traffic lawyer Fairfax, Va. Finally, if your charge is a criminal charge, such as DUI, Reckless, Driving on Suspended, Driving Without a License, you should hire a traffic lawyer Fairfax, Va. Our web site has other articles on these criminal traffic offenses for which a traffic lawyer Fairfax Va community members trust is needed.


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