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Dave Albo – Attorney

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Prosecutors are experienced.  That is why you need Dave Albo on your side.  Mr. Albo is not only a former District Court Prosecutor himself, but also an attorney with over three decades of experience in all Northern Virginia Courts, who is a:

  • Teacher of the law to other lawyers and judges,
  • Five time Washingtonian and Northern Virginia Magazine top rated lawyer,
  • 24 year member of the Virginia State Legislature and Chairman of the Virginia House Courts of Justice (Judiciary) Committee, thus he actually wrote or co-authored Virginia’s criminal laws for almost a quarter century.

Mr. Albo prepares, negotiates, persuades, and litigates. He doesn’t just succumb to your situation. He looks to your future and uses all the skills he has acquired for over 30 years to guide your destiny.  Let us take an awkward moment to brag a little. We know of no other lawyer or criminal law firm that can say that they will assign a lawyer to your case who either prosecuted your charge, defended your charge, taught other lawyers the law on your charge, taught judges about your charge, or even wrote the law upon which you are charged.  When you hire Dave Albo, you will have a criminal attorney whose skills and experience eclipse nearly every prosecutor in Virginia. Having Dave Albo’s experience on your side is the best way to defend you, assert your rights, and acquire the best possible outcome.

Dave Albo is a unique attorney in a state with over 29,000 practicing lawyers.

Dave is a leader in our state and community.  He served in the Virginia House of Delegates from 1994 – 2017, and for 12 years, was the longest serving Chairman of the Virginia House Courts of Justice (Judiciary) Committee in the over 300-year history of that committee.

Dave Albo teaches law to other lawyers (and to judges)
Dave was selected to teach continuing legal education seminars to other lawyers and judges. Topics included: Evidence, Ethics, Traffic Law, DUI Law, Legislative Updates, and Criminal Defense.


    Dave Albo has hundreds upon hundreds of trials under his belt.
    In his years as a prosecutor for the City of Fairfax and his 30+ years as a defense attorney, the number of cases he has handled is an estimated 3,000+.  Many of these cases actually went to trial, thus Dave Albo gained – not in a class but rather in an actual court room during a trial – hands on real world trial skills, which are difficult to match.

    Dave Albo is sought by the national media to comment on the law.
    Dave Albo has been featured hundreds times in the national media – such as FOX News, MSNBC, all three local network news shows (NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox), Today Show, Dateline, CNN, Washington Post and the Washington Times, to name a few.

    Do not just surrender to your situation. Put Dave Albo’s experience on your side. Dave Albo wants to help you guide your destiny and shape your future.


    Criminal Defense Attorney Fairfax VA


    • Best possible outcome

      Mr Albo worked my case, which wasn’t an easy one. He managed to negotiate my charges down with the best possible outcome.
      My family and I were in a state of disbelief when he told us the results and they cried tears of joy!
      I will always be recommending him for anyone who manages to get themselves in trouble like I did.



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