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Dave Albo – Attorney was founded over two decades ago (in 1995) by David B. Albo. Over this time, we have grown into a strong regional law firm with offices in Arlington, Fairfax, and Staunton. Few Virginia firms are like us.

We prepare, we negotiate, we persuade, and we litigate. We don’t succumb to destiny, we guide it. Let us take an awkward moment to brag a little. We know of no other criminal law firm that can say that there is a criminal attorney in our firm who either prosecuted your charge, defended your charge, taught other lawyers the law on your charge, taught judges about your charge, or even wrote the law upon which you are charged. That means when you hire us, you will have a criminal attorney who knows, by experience, the best way to defend you, assert your rights, and get the best possible outcome.

Our lawyers are unusual
We are leaders in our state and community. Some have former experience as a legislator or a judge. Our lawyers include leaders in the bar and community organizations – from homeowners associations to the Scouts.

We teach law to other lawyers (and to judges)
Continuing legal education seminars we have taught include topics such as Employment Law, Civil Procedure, E-Commerce, Evidence, Ethics, Legislative Updates, and Criminal Defense. Please visit our “Seminar Page” for a listing.

We write the practice guides used by other lawyers to practice law.
Other lawyers use our practice guides and published articles in their own practices.

We have hundreds upon hundreds of trials under our belt.
Our attorneys include three former prosecutors. The trial skills gained as a prosecutor – such as voir dire, evidence, jury selection, motions in limine, objections, closing statements — apply to all courts in both civil and criminal law.

We are sought by the national media to comment on the law.
We have been featured over 100 times in the national media – such as FOX News and CNN. Please see below!

We love to win.  Guide your destiny. Do not surrender to it.

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  • Best possible outcome

    Mr Albo worked my case, which wasn’t an easy one. He managed to negotiate my charges down with the best possible outcome.
    My family and I were in a state of disbelief when he told us the results and they cried tears of joy!
    I will always be recommending him for anyone who manages to get themselves in trouble like I did.

    October 20, 2017


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