• Dave is awesome, Very accessible and always returns calls/emails, Highly recommend him-you will not be disappointed,

  • David was straightforward, honest and extremely helpful! He was amazing to work with!

  • Fantastic, results were better than expected.

  • I recently was charged with three felonies. I admitted my guilt never realizing that a small amount of drugs could put me in a position where I would not only face multiple felonies but could also put me in jail for more than a year. I was traumatized . After interviewing more than five prominent attorneys I decided on Dave Albo. My lucky day! Without going into details I can say that his knowledge of the law without question gave me the opportunity to work toward a dismissal of all felony charges. He was my advocate for at least four maybe five court appearances. Mr. Albo was thorough in explaining what to expect each step of the way. I feel extremely fortunate to have had him as my attorney and would recommend him to anyone who has been criminally charged.

  • Great communication, Very Professional. I highly Recommend Mr. Albo to Represent you.

  • I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome of my case and Mr. Albo’s vast expertise and experience. It was a very concerning time and I felt like I was in the best possible hands through every stage. Mr. Albo clearly explained the best and worst-case outcomes and thoroughly described my options. He was very prepared, professional, and capable of adjusting his strategy as the situation required. I was extremely thankful to have Mr. Albo in my corner and don’t think I could have gotten through the experience without him.

  • For anyone like myself who found himself caught in the DWI system, let me share a two-word answer: Dave Albo! He is a meticulous professional who immediately stood out from the other attorneys I checked out. Dave is unique as a DWI lawyer because he handles only one client per day, so he is focused on your case and your case alone. He is also relentless when looking at all the evidence. In my case, Dave was able to get both charges dropped from my case, and I walked away with a simple reckless driving charge. His fee was one of the best investments I have ever made.

  • Best possible outcome

    Mr Albo worked my case, which wasn’t an easy one. He managed to negotiate my charges down with the best possible outcome.
    My family and I were in a state of disbelief when he told us the results and they cried tears of joy!
    I will always be recommending him for anyone who manages to get themselves in trouble like I did.

  • Truly the best lawyer to have in your corner!

    I received my second reckless ticket within six months and after the first conviction I went to juvie for some time. With this second ticket in my corner I knew I needed help or else I would stuck and undoubtedly thrown back into juvie. I was going 51 in a 30, since it was barely a reckless Mr. Albo was able to help me get out of the reckless conviction and turning it into a plain speeding ticket. Also no license suspension at all in court. Without Mr. Albo in my side all of the punishments would’ve been extremely severe. 10/10 times I would recommend Mr. Albo, great lawyer and overall a great person.

  • Thanks to Mr. Albo

    I’m being a very careful driver but unfortunately got the reckless driving ticket and had to appear before the court. I was in total panic and stressed out as this was my first such incident in my long driving history. But luckily one of my friend referred me to Mr. David Albo, who was his past client. When I talked to him on phone and met him in his office, he sound very knowledgeable, experienced, friendly and very clear about the system and how this thing will be taken care of. Actually he assured me 90% of the outcome but finally got me 100%. My charge reduced to improper driving with $100 fine, a total relief. I was totally relaxed and happy and many thanks to Mr. David Albo for getting this. I would definitely recommend my friends to Mr. David Albo.

  • Dave Albo was the best. He represented me in a Reckless Driving case and gave sound advise and walked me through every step of the process. He recommended classes to show good faith. I couldn’t have been more pleased with his representation.

  • Worth Every Penny

    I had what most would consider a minor charge but it could of potentially cost me my career. Thanks to David Albo it didn’t. He was very upfront and told me there were no guarantees. In court he was the most confident person in the room. He put me at ease and his knowledge and experience showed. He worked his magic and my case was dismissed with community service. Thanks again Dave.

  • Best Lawyer

    David was exceptional from start to finish. Very professional. Not your run of the mill court appointed attorney. Worth every penny.

    And beyond being a lawyer he was a nice guy to speak with.

    Thank you David for everything !

  • Excellent Lawyer

    Dave was extremely professional and realistic about my “Drinking in Public” case. His counsel and experience was an asset in mitigating my charges.

  • Charges Dropped!

    David Albo is the type of professional attorney who responds to your email within 10 minutes even if it’s at night! I was very impressed with that. I was WORRIED about my case but David was able to get the charges DROPPED within a few hours of being at court. Highly recommended!

  • Professional expertise unexcelled combined with empathy

    Faced with a potentially life changing terrible tragic traffic accident we turned to David Alpo to provide legal services. He took our case; he recognized almost immediately on the basis of his extensive experience that the facts and evidence could not justify a felony charge; and he at the trial obtained a resolution of our case to our complete satisfaction. Any person requiring legal counsel no matter what the charge can turn to Mr. Albo to take his/her case knowing that he/she will receive experienced, capable, and understanding representation.

  • Wow — David came through again!

    David recently came through a second time. A few years ago, my oldest daughter was in a minor accident and received a citation for not paying full time and attention while driving. David interviewed her and determined that the citation was unfair and flatly improper. David represented her in Court and after the evidence came in (with David’s objections to improper evidence repeatedly being sustained), the case was dismissed, with no citation, fine, court costs, points or record. As luck would have it, my younger daughter recently was also involved in an accident also received a similar citation. David interviewed her and realized that her citation too was completely improper. He also advised us how to deal with the insurance companies representing the other drivers. David then came thorough in Court again — after his evidentiary objections were repeatedly sustained, the Judge dismissed the case, with no citation, fine, court costs, points or record. I’m a lawyer (different kind) and can say that David really knows what he’s doing. Thanks!

  • Perfect

    He was very helpful with my trial and with preparing for it. I ended up getting a sentence that was even better than what he expected!

  • Speeding/Reckless Driving

    Mr. David Albo is a very responsible and caring individual who stands up to his word. In my case regarding a driving ticket which was imposed upon me by the cop as reckless driving, Mr Albo made sure the penalty is not reckless and just a speeding. In addition, he made sure to attend the court on the judgement day, rather than sending his office subordinates. Also, he guided me by giving advice and to check back with him fo make sure it appears as just speeding in my driving record.

  • DUI, breaking probation

    David was attentive and knowledgeable. I received a dismissal of my case and am very happy with his representation.

  • Professional Attitude

    Mr. Albo was everything you look for in a lawyer. I had never ran into any trouble with the law nor had I delt with lawyers prior to getting accused of reckless driving. It was just one of those time when you are focused on other threats on the road and pace yourself off the cars around you. My vehicle was singled out over the others and I was potentially facing a large fine, loosing my license, and most damaging to my career: a class 1 misdemeanor on my record. Mr. Albo stayed in contact with me leading up to my case. He gathered information that proved very useful in the end. When it came to my day in court he presented said information to the prosecutor and got my entire case dismissed. He was able to recognize that I was a good hearted contributing member of the community and a safe driver and he was able to convey that to the prosecutor. I could not have been more satified with the legal reprisentation that was provided by Mr. Albo and his firm.

  • 100 Percent Recommended

    I was charged with Reckless Driving in the state of Virginia going 83mph in a 65mph zone. I retained Dave Albo – Attorney to represent me and was more than satisfied to have David Albo to represent me at my court date. As I had never had any charges against me, especially one as serious as this, I was incredibly nervous but Mr. Albo and his team gave me great advice including steps I should take in the time leading up to my court date. Mr. Albo did not give me any misconception of what may or may not happen, telling me to keep in mind that I could get my license suspended or sustain a large legal fee. His honesty was refreshing. With his legal counsel and representation, I was able to keep my perfect driving record and was dismissed of all charges pending that I take a driving course in the state of VA. I recommend him and his firm to anyone that needs honest, sharp, and quick witted counsel.

  • Stop reading and call Dave. Period.

    STOP. Yes, you. STOP. Stop searching online for a good DUI attorney and call Dave Albo. If the charges against you seem insurmountable, call Dave. If the charges seem like complete nonsense, call Dave. If you have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into and feel confused and intimidated, call Dave.

    I landed myself in Federal Court with a DUI charge, a Refusal, and a few other things. I walked away (FROM FEDERAL COURT) with only Reckless driving. My initial consultation was completely FREE, THOROUGH, and gave me some PEACE, CONFIDENCE, and a REALISTIC APPRAISAL of my situation. Oh yeah, and IT WAS FREE.

    After you meet with him, you’ll know whether or not you want to hire him. Make no mistake. Hiring Dave will cost you some money. So if you’re looking for any old attorney that works at a discounted rate and will hold your hand while you eat a DUI charge (which will be on your record for the rest of your life), don’t bother calling Dave. That’s not what he does. If you want to ensure that the judicial system works the way it’s supposed to and that you get the best outcome possible, call Dave Albo.

  • Great Job!

    Mr. Albo represented me for a drunk in public charge in VA beach. Although expensive, his track record showed he could get the job done so I hired him. We walked into court and spent 5 min talking about case with the judge who dismissed my charge no problem. There wasn’t even an argument.

    He covered all the bases concerning the case and made sure he had all the facts before showing up, which you’d expect out of someone you hired. The only negative I’d say is he didn’t quite give me any hope before the case probably because they’re all busy and don’t have much time to review the case very far ahead of the court date. Aside from that he made the process as easy as you could hope for.

  • Helpful and reliable

    Extremely helpful and friendly, really made me feel much more calm and comfortable in a very uncomfortable situation for me. Helped get the charges against me reduced and I feel very grateful for the service he provided.

  • A Truly Outstanding Lawyer

    I was charged with a reckless speeding offense. Not just 20 over but 35 MPH over! I retained Mr. Dave Albo and his reputation, and skillful negotiation with the Commonwealth Attorney resulted in a Failure to Obey a Traffic Sign. This was a 3 point violation, not a 6. This will be on my record for 3 years not 11! Saved me thousands in insurance premium increases. And the fine was $150 not $2500 which was possible – not to mention the remote possibility of jail time. He made no promises up front since the offense was significant. Honest, well known, and a skillful attorney. IF I ever need an attorney again, I will be calling Mr. Albo.

  • Speedy Success with Dave Albo!

    I am an out of state driver and was recently charged with Reckless Driving due to Speed in Prince William county which is a very serious violation. I am so glad I hired Dave Alboand Traffic Law Frim. Dave Albo represented me in court and we received the best case scenario outcome! After speaking with the ticketing offer and negotiating privately with the prosecutor Mr. Albo secured the dismissal of my case based on my completion of a driving clinic. Dave Alboand Traffic Law Frim made the process very easy and smooth for me. Mr. Albo is very professional, experienced in the industry and certainly kept my best interests as his top priority. Mr. Albo and his firm are well worth the investment and I would definitely recommend their services.

  • Great Lawyer

    The money is nothing, most important if you can trust your lawyer, and he is one of them. David thanks for help without your help I probably lost my case .

  • knocked it out of the park!

    Dave Albo did a wonderful job representing me. I hired him because he is extremely knowledgeable due to his many years as a state legislature representative. Not only was he always accessible by phone or email for questions I had, even his payment options were able to be processed via Web. I never had to go in person except for the court date.

    I highly recommend Dave Albo ; he gets results!

  • David Albo helped me reduce a Reckless Driving by Speed to a much lesser traffic speed violation

    I was charged with Reckless Speed Driving ( 84 mph in 60 mph zone) in Prince William county when i was coming back from a memorial weekend gateway with my family. I was really stressed out when i learn about the potential conviction of reckless driving conviction in Virginia–which is serious with lifetime misdemeanor record. Given my prior speeding tickers from two years ago, Dave advised me to get the Driver important class–which i did prior to the court date.
    Dave Albo was able to negotiate with the Commonwealth Attorney to reduce the Reckless Driving charge to a speeding of 79 mph in 60mph zone–a -4 point offense. I was only hoping to get the Reckless charge get dropped, but Dave Albo was able to went father. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

  • Appreciation for your expertise

    I recently was charged with reckless driving, and was not sure what the result of my charge would be – I could lose my licence, pay a large fee or even spend jail time. I decided that it would be most beneficial to me to hire an attorney with expertise in this area. Mr. Albo took the time to research my particular situation and previous cases to determine that my situation could be viewed differently than reckless. He was correct and my charge was changed to improper driving! He also provided me with an excellent resource to take advantage of prior to my court date. I really appreciated and am indebted to Mr. Albo for getting me through this really stressful situation. I highly recommend him!

  • Excellence & Professionalism; A Step Ahead

    After having received word of a potential criminal case against myself. I looked into using Dave Alboand Traffic Law Frim Attorneys at Law ; David’s firm based in Arlington, VA. After sending a preliminary email stating the outline of the potential case against me to David, he promptly responded with proper steps to take before we were introduced face-to-face. David patiently listened, took notes, and explained the potential outcomes which could arise if the case were too move into the court system. He lent an honest perspective, based on previous cases in his career and provided me with reassurance as to possibilities, positive as well as negative. In this day and age, having a lawyer who listens and explains everything in a way for you to understand is a god-send and helped me understand the circumstance I was in. He kindly told me I was in good hands, and that he would do everything in his power to help me in my time of need. He did an excellent job defending me and provided a strong defense. Highly recommended, highly intelligent, highly motivated. David is the lawyer you want on your side when you need it most.

  • DUI Attorney

    As you could imagine the potential charge of a DUI can give you a good deal of anxiety. However after meeting with Dave Albo I finally got some peace of mind know that I was in good hands. Additionally, he was very fair in terms of his pricing and was always available to answer additional questions.

    In the end my DUI was reduced to reckless driving, which I had told him was my number one priority and Dave was able to negotiate this plea with the prosecutor and officer.

  • Great Lawyer

    Mr.Albo is one of the most professional people I have ever met. He kept me updated with everything that was going on with my case and was someone that I could trust would do the best he could to prove my innocence.

  • Good lawyer who gets results

    Mr. Albo was very straightforward and upfront with his plans for the case. He made sure that I knew what he needed from me in advance, and he produced the best results possible for my case. He is skilled at negotiating and a nice man to work with. He answered all of my questions in a timely manner and was very organized and thorough throughout the case.

  • Very glad I found Dave Albo

    I would highly recommend hiring Mr. Albo. He really helped me out of something I considered major with no real trouble for me at all. He was always responsive and kept me informed. He is very well known and respected, well deserving. He is certainly knowledgeable and has more than enough experience to do what he is doing. Hopefully I won’t ever need to again, but I would know whom to turn to or recommend to others. Thank you!

  • Outstanding

    I was really worried about my case given the circumstances. A bad outcome would affect my work. Mr. Albo was very good about explaining the best and worst scenario of my case. Once he had a chance to review everything he relayed to me on what he thought might be the outcome. I was relieved to hear that. The result was beyond my expectation. Thank you Mr. Albo. If I’m in need of an attorney in the future, Mr. Albo will be the one I contact.

  • Many thanks to Mr. Albo

    Thanks to David for his dedication, his knowledge of what needed to be done in what sequence, and his demeanor throughout the process of my case. David was able to use my past record to successfully argue for a significant reduction in the class of my infraction, and made it clear from the onset that I needed to understand the seriousness of my future choices on the road – in other words, a great outcome but with the right advice.

  • Gross negligence

    He will not listen to you and understand your case like mine it was simple petty theft which I did not even commit. Before taking money from me he was confident to win the case but right after taking $8500 from he started talking in favor of public prosecutor and try to get me accept the probation offer and when I refuse to plead guilty he started showing me how my case is weak, he got me convicted because in court he did not open his mouth, the prosecutor did not even had evidence but she was good and confident to win and she did.I regret retaining him he charges big fees but he is not professionally capable of defense. You can retain this but you will get to learn on very expensive and disappointing cost.

    David Barr Albo’s response

    “This person must have me confused with someone else. None of my clients charged with a first offense Petit Larceny have ever been convicted of Petit Larceny. In nearly 30 years of practicing law, I can not think of a single client of mine charged with first offense Petit Larceny ever being convicted of it. This is because the Court has a process to allow people to do community service in exchange for a dismissal. Secondly, I have never charged anything close to $8,500 for a Petit Larceny. Our normal fee would be between $1,500 to $2,200 depending upon the complexity of the case. Finally, there is an automatic right of appeal on a Petit Larceny. So if this individual was not happy with his/her outcome, he/she could have just appealed it and started over. If he/she were my client, and he/she did not like the outcome, I would have appealed the case for them and started over.”

  • Professional and helpful. Would retain Dave again without hesitation.

    I was facing a reckless driving charge and was feeling very overwhelmed with all of the information from various attorneys online and the potential severity of this charge. Dave quickly responded to my inquiry, quickly set up a conversation and explained in clear terms exactly what he could do and why he was confident that he could be helpful because of his specific experience and background. He was informative but not pushy at all. Dave was professional and easy to work with at court and my charge was reduced to a much lower traffic infraction as a result of his work. I’m very happy with the outcome.

  • David provided excellent representation and achieved the optimum result.

    David represented me in a reckless driving case in which I was cited for excessive speed in Virginia. He did an excellent job explaining my options and keeping me informed. He also represented me and my circumstances in a very straight forward and credible manner resulting in the most favorable outcome possible. I would highly recommend his services to anyone seeking competent, credible, and honest representation.

  • High Regards

    I would recommend Dave Albo to anyone who is in similar situation that I was in. I was referred to him by a friend and was honored to have him represent me in court. As soon as I contacted Dave, he scheduled a time so we could meet to discuss what happened. I felt he spent as much time as I needed to discuss every question I had. After the initial meeting, we met a couple days before the court date and he explained to me what my options are and had a clear indication of what I could expect in court based on his wealth of experience. On my court date, Dave came well prepared on all the issues that could arise and his knowledge on DUI/DWI law is second to none, and it showed during the case. I hold Dave Albo in high regards and his name will be the first name I pass along to anyone who needs representation in court for a similar matters.

  • Fantastic Criminal Defense Attorney

    David was very easy to talk to, making me feel comfortable in discussing my case with him and sharing my concerns. His staff was very efficient and pleasant to talk with during the process. David always personally responded to my emails and phone calls promptly. He answered all of my legal questions clearly and fully in plain language. He made sure that I always knew my legal options at every step of the process. He did a fantastic job in court and we won my case. I would highly recommend David to anyone looking for a fantastic gentleman to work with on a case. In addition someone who is also a knowledgeable, skilled and passionate attorney.

  • Misdemeanor over Columbus Day Weekend

    David was contacted over the weekend, promptly replied, and came to the jail to see me the next day on a Sunday. Other individuals I spoke with were having a very hard time getting a lawyer to respond on a Saturday and see them on a Sunday, so I considered myself quite fortunate to find David. When he spoke with me, he was very professional and explained my options and the potential outcomes of each very clearly.

    I was initially quite concerned that I would not be bonded out and expected, at a minimum, to spend another night in jail after my bond hearing. I also anticipated having to spend money on bale bondsman, and that I would be required to return in a month or so for a court date. David was able to work with the Judge and Prosecutor to expedite the entire process. He was able to get the more serious of my two charges dropped and the remaining charge settled the same day as the bond hearing, which meant I did not have to post bond, I was released the same day, and I did not have to return later for a court date. Because I was in jail over the weekend, my time served was considered and my sentence was to remain on good behavior for 6 months.

    I honestly could not be more please with the outcome and would certainly recommend David to anyone who finds themself in a situation that requires a lawyer.

  • Great Lawyer!

    I had a very unusual case and he helped me greatly throughout the process. It got to be very confusing and he continually explained things to me and my family in order for us to have peace of mind. He worked very diligently on the case and not only gave me legal but life advice as well. I would choose him over again but hopefully wont have to. I 100% recommend this lawyer.