White Collar Crime Lawyer Fairfax, VA

White Collar Crime Lawyer Fairfax, VA

A White Collar Crime Lawyer Fairfax, VA Trusts Explains Virginia Criminal Law

White Collar Crime Lawyer Fairfax, VA

The federal and state criminal codes have hundreds of complex sections which apply to many types of business activity for a white collar crime lawyer in Fairfax, VA needs to sort out. It is, figuratively speaking, a minefield, and it is common for good businessmen to engage a white collar crime lawyer at some point in their businesses. In some particular circumstances, a business owner may engage in criminal activity if they lack adequate knowledge of business laws. Even business owners with the best intentions can commit such crimes by overstepping legal boundaries they aren’t aware of. People in business can inadvertently run afoul of the criminal code or get caught on issues with federal investigators or prosecutors that can cause major stress and distractions. They may get caught up in minor issues that quickly turn into larger, more serious legal complications. In criminal investigations, the stakes are high, and the action usually moves quickly. People we usually trust – police, prosecutors, investigators – are suddenly on the other side. Few experiences are as harrowing as a criminal investigation or case. Thankfully, there are resources clients can look to if they ever find themselves in a precarious legal matter.

Note: Dave Albo practices in Fairfax, and handles cases in other counties of Virginia. Fairfax, VA can turn to is referenced in this article because it is the largest jurisdiction in Virginia with the most rigid procedures. Work done to Fairfax standards usually meets or exceeds the standards in other jurisdictions in the Commonwealth, so it is common to use it as a benchmark.

When one’s reputation, business, employment, and personal freedom are at stake, the matter is far too important to entrust to a lawyer lacking experience in the defense of criminal cases. A defendant or target of a federal investigation needs a very good white collar criminal lawyer, not just their usual business lawyer. White collar criminal lawyers are adept in handling high-stakes cases, especially when state or federal authorities are involved. They have the experience and diverse skill set to provide accurate representation for clients who may be implicated in high-profile investigations. Such urgent cases require only the most competent, trustworthy and experienced white collar crime lawyers who can provide the best quality legal representation. 

Whether an FBI agent comes to “just talk,” or a formal grand jury subpoena is served, one should immediately engage a white collar criminal lawyer before saying or doing anything else. (Engaging an attorney does not signal to the investigator that you are guilty. Government agents expect businesses to turn to attorneys to reply to government inquiries, if only to avoid misunderstandings). Properly handled, investigations can be and often are closed without the filing of criminal charges. Criminal charges are not inevitable, even when a company or businessperson “did something wrong.” Prosecutors do have a lot of discretion. However, with the stakes as high as they are in criminal law, things shouldn’t be left to chance. To avoid any potential cases of misunderstandings, one should utilize their available resources when possible and consult a lawyer. “Winging it” without a competent white collar criminal lawyer is unwise. Taking matters into your own hands might seem like a reasonable option, but you may unwittingly worsen the situation. There could be legal blind spots you aren’t aware of, or you may accidentally reveal information that might suggest your deeper involvement in a case or nefarious intentions that aren’t there. You don’t want to put yourself in a compromising situation by passing up on an excellent legal counsel. A trusted attorney like Dave Albo by your side can offer you the best guidance for properly resolving any business law complications you may find yourself tangled in. Dave Albo has defended business clients at meetings with FBI agents, prosecutors, and at legislative hearings in the context of suspected business crimes. We also help companies respond to Inspector General inquiries and subpoenas. We have also prepared our clients for grand jury testimony, and have contacted federal authorities to help define the nature of the problem and delineate strategy. Our goal is always to move our client’s case off the “criminal track” so that any dispute can be resolved on a more civilized basis. We do this in an efficient manner, helping our clients with the preparation they need to successfully reach a fair resolution. Since we are located centrally in the Washington metropolitan area, we also have the local presence to meet with and address local issues as they arise for federal government contractors with offices located in other regions of the country.

Defending Those Accused of Crimes

We believe that all accused individuals should have the opportunity to receive sufficient representation, regardless of the nature of the crime. When a company or one of its employees is charged with a crime, a white collar crime lawyer in Fairfax, VA turns to  Dave Albo – Attorney, who will reliably and professionally plan and execute a vigorous defense and mitigation strategy. Simultaneously, we continue to dissuade the government from proceeding with the prosecution. In actuality, few federal cases go to trial. Sentencing guidelines have the practical effect of encouraging even the innocent to plead guilty rather than face the risk of a truly outrageous disposition. Thus, influencing even the subsection of a criminal law used in an indictment can literally change one’s life. That’s why it’s advisable that individuals get the right consultation from a highly skilled and experienced lawyer who can provide a robust defense strategy. It could mean the difference between being handed a fair sentence or an excessive one that isn’t proportionate to or even reflective of a client’s actions.

Our firm features lawyers with the critical prosecution experience and firsthand knowledge to successfully defend clients. They know how prosecutors think because they used to be one. This equips them with the insight to build a strong case and help accused individuals be as prepared as possible inside the courtroom. Moreover, attorneys from our firm are in court almost every day defending those accused of crimes. Most lawyers who defend white collar crimes simply do not have a sufficient volume of cases to come close to matching this. Unlike them, our lawyers are fresh, not rusty. With this exposure to many types of cases, they continually renew their knowledge and utilize a range of defensive strategies. We are familiar with our courts, judges, juries, prosecutors, and criminal procedure because we have lawyers in court almost every day. This invaluable experience means new methods and knowledge can be applied in cases where it’s most suitable. 

Examples of Cases a White Collar Crime Lawyer Fairfax, Va Will Defend

– Crimes and Investigations Involving Government Contractors

The federal and state governments prosecute contract fraud, defective pricing, suspension and debarment violations, kickbacks and bribes, false claims, bid rigging, collusive pricing, and subcontractor violations among other things. Federal contractors face potential issues, for example, under the Procurement Integrity Act, False Claims Act, False Statements Act, and may need to respond to a broad array of issues in dealing with the government.

– Computer / Internet Crimes

State and federal prosecutors actively pursue computer crimes. We defend allegations of criminal bulk e-mail (“spam”), e-commerce fraud, computer fraud, computer trespass, computer invasion of privacy, computer theft, and “phishing.”

Dave Albo – Attorney is a leader in this area of the law. For example, a white collar crime lawyer Fairfax, VA can rely on from our firm successfully defended a person accused of sending out bulk e-mail (“spam”) in the nation’s first felony spam trial.

– Public Corruption / Campaign Finance Violations

Our attorneys uniquely understand the responsibilities and requirements of public officials – some of Dave Albo – Attorney attorneys have served as public officials themselves in the state and local legislatures and in the judiciary. Having been in those roles before, they possess a deep understanding of the court systems and hold the creative skills to confidently guide individuals. That kind of previous dynamic experience is incredibly helpful and is much more than what an inexperienced lawyer who has only been limited to one role can offer. They can help those charged with violations properly defend themselves. A white collar crime lawyer Fairfax, Va who was formerly a public official can better understand what a public official does than a lawyer who never had this experience.

The heat of politics and a campaign frequently cause allegations of wrongdoing to be leveled. Too often, and ill-advisedly, politicians turn to their political advisors for advice. However, when prosecutors or other law enforcement get involved, it is time to bring in a good white collar crime lawyer in Fairfax, VA residents turn to. To the extent we can, Dave Albo – Attorney lawyers work with the political team in an effort to mitigate damages from an investigation or indictment. By working together with political advisers, attorneys can offer their specialized knowledge to set up the framework for the proper actions that need to be taken and course-correct a campaign so that it’s on the right track.

– Larceny / Embezzlement / Fraud

Although called by many names – larceny, embezzlement, fraud, and false pretenses – the act of taking personal property of another by trespass with intent to permanently deprive that person of the property is a crime.

Often, a federal prosecutor will indict under the vague wire fraud and mail fraud statutes to lessen their burden of proof. In the “white collar” context, it is common for a business dispute to result in claims of larceny by a competitor or customer in an effort to gain a civil advantage. Dave Albo – Attorney defends all allegations of fraud and larceny, and has experience addressing financial crimes. A businessperson would feel very comfortable with a white collar crime lawyer Fairfax, VA can trust from our firm.


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