White Collar Crime Lawyer in Fairfax VA

White Collar Crime Lawyer in Fairfax VA

A White Collar Crime Lawyer in Fairfax VA Discusses Fraud

White Collar Crime Lawyer in Fairfax VAFraud can take on many forms, but regardless of the type, it is likely you are suffering from severe financial stress. At Dave Albo – Attorney, we take each and every case very seriously. We understand the potential consequence if a verdict does not happen in your favor. We do not back down from intimidation or other tactics your accuser may use throughout the court procedure. A Fairfax VA white collar crime lawyer from our firm can represent and protect you during the litigation process. We can assist with everything from the initial filing of your case to gathering as much proof as possible for evaluation by a jury.

Various Types of Fraud:

1) Embezzlement
2) Forging a check
3) White collar crime
4) Infringement of copyright or patent
5) Mortgage and/or real estate fraud
6) Identify theft
7) Credit card fraud
8) Federal benefits fraud
9) Insider trading

How to Prevent Fraud from Happening

In everyday life, we come into situations where our livelihood and identity may be in jeopardy. If fraud has already happened to you, your white collar crime lawyer in Fairfax VA can consider which of the following scenarios may have caused your information to be at risk. If it has not transpired yet, then the below information can help prevent you from becoming a victim of fraud.

– Only open emails and links from those you know
– Be aware it is easy for scammers to steal logos and make them appear legitimate
– Do not reveal personal or financial details over the phone, text or via web
– Maintain an updated anti-virus software
– Keep locks on your technology devices with passwords
– Create strong passwords for websites or subscriptions
– Do not open emails from those you do not know
– Utilize a pop-up blocker
– Sign-up for transaction alerts through your bank or credit card company
– When traveling, let your bank know where you will be and duration
– Balance your checkbook, comparing receipts and bank statement
– Be aware of surroundings at all times
– Shadow your pin when in a check-out line to prevent fraudsters from hovering over your shoulder
– Report missing cards right away
– Do not give out personal information unless necessary
– Sign new cards as you receive them in the mail
– Use a shredder to rid of documents with private information
– Change passwords often
– Read all terms and conditions
– Be wary if a free trial asks for your payment information
– Regularly check your credit report to ensure it’s correct
– Do not feel pressured to give your card number over the phone

Any fraud case can quickly become overwhelming, detailed and confusing. At Dave Albo – Attorney, our attorneys are geared to assist you. Please call us to receive a free consultation in person or over the phone with a white collar crime lawyer Fairfax VA. You are not alone, and we are here to help!


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