Embezzlement Lawyer Fairfax, VA

Embezzlement Lawyer Fairfax, VA

What Can an Embezzlement Lawyer Fairfax VA Trusts Do for You?

Embezzlement Lawyer Fairfax VA

Embezzlement is a term often used in association with financial scams. The technical definition of embezzlement and fraud may vary state by state, however, in general, fraud involves an individual exhibiting dishonesty for financially motivated schemes. Dave Albo – Attorney, an embezzlement lawyer in Fairfax, VA is familiar with a wide variety of tactics and methods used by prosecutors to obtain convictions. Our Fairfax, VA embezzlement lawyer has represented clients who were accused of requesting money for a product or service that they have no intention of producing. Fraud may involve withholding information or outright lying about an investment, service, or product for the purpose of receiving money from the victim.

Types of Fraud in Fairfax VA

Fraud is a relatively broad term that can encompass a range of financial scams.

Common forms of fraud that may warrant the help of an embezzlement lawyer from Fairfax, VA may include:

  • Fake Internet Seller: if you notice a high-value item listed online for a suspiciously low price, chances are the seller is running a scam. The seller will accept your money and you will never receive the product.
  • Website Misdirection: Hackers will attempt to redirect the website during an e-commerce checkout to obtain your credit card information. Typically, victims will start shopping on a legitimate website, but when they proceed to checkout, the website will be misdirected to a fraudulent site. Be sure to verify the URL when checking out and examine the extension.
  • Fake Checks: This form of fraud may be considered less sophisticated than forms of internet fraud but it can still be an effective scam. Individuals will write a check without having sufficient funds in their account.

Fraud Litigation

An embezzlement lawyer in Fairfax, VA can help those facing fraud charges pursued in criminal or civil court. Many criminal fraud cases pose felony penalties and must be filed by the prosecutor’s office. If you have been accused or charged with fraud, contact an embezzlement lawyer in Fairfax VA, Dave Albo – Attorney for a free consultation to find out how we can help.

Tips for Managing Your Embezzlement Case

When charged with embezzlement or fraud, the impact on your own personal life can be substantial, which is why an embezzlement lawyer from Fairfax, VA is a good way to move forward with your case. Embezzlement is a form of stealing, when a person takes another’s property or money for their own gain. If you have been charged with embezzlement, it’s vital that you make efforts to obtain an embezzlement lawyer in Fairfax, VA for legal guidance. Taking action as soon as possible can help you to get ahead of the charges with a Virginia embezzlement lawyer. Have a lawyer by your side may help to provide you with peace of mind, and ensure that you are not making mistakes that could be potentially damaging to your case.  Here are some tips to consider when facing embezzlement charges,

  • If your employer suspects that you are guilty of embezzling from the company, they may ask to speak with you. Before speaking with anyone, you should contact an embezzlement lawyer in Fairfax, VA. This can help you stay one step ahead of potential charges should law enforcement become involved in the investigation.
  • Allow for a Fairfax, VA embezzlement lawyer to guide you in making decisions. regarding the best way for you to move forward. We may prove helpful by reviewing the case against you to determine if it’s possible to negotiate with your employer before law enforcement are contacted.
  • Do not speak with law enforcement without legal representation. If you have been arrested, or law enforcement has requested to speak with you, first contact an embezzlement lawyer from Fairfax, VA.

An Embezzlement Lawyer Fairfax, VA Explains the Charge of Embezzlement and Fraud

In our experience, most people charged with embezzlement are people who NEVER thought they would ever be charged with a crime and need to hire an embezzlement lawyer Fairfax, VA families depend on.

Note: Our lawyers practice in Fairfax, and all other counties of Virginia. We have offices in Fairfax, Arlington, and Staunton. We reference Fairfax, VA. in this article because it is the largest jurisdiction in Virginia with the most rigid procedures. Work done to Fairfax standards meets or exceeds the standards in every other jurisdiction in the Commonwealth, so it is common to use it as a benchmark.

Some typical stories from our embezzlement lawyers in Fairfax, VA clients include:

  • A defendant worked at a company and used company funds to pay for personal items – something others in the firm did all the time.
  • The partners all agreed that it was okay to use company funds for personal items. Then, suddenly, one of the partners changed his mind about that and called the police, alleging that the defendant was using company funds for his own personal benefit.
  • A defendant borrowed money from his company knowing that in a month he would pay it back. He fell on hard times and could not pay it back.
  • Sometimes people get crossed wires with their boss. The next thing they know, they are accused of embezzlement or fraud for doing their job the same way they have done for years.

When things like this happen, our clients, find that they are calling an embezzlement lawyer Fairfax, VA residents rely on. Many of these people have never broken the law before and never thought they would ever be charged with a crime.

To prove embezzlement, the prosecutor must prove (1) that the defendant wrongfully and fraudulently took property; (2) that the property had been received by the defendant by virtue of his employment; and (3) that the value of the property was $200.00 or more. The maximum punishment is up to 20 years in prison.  If the value of the property is below $500.00 (on July 1, 2020 new legislation raises this level to $1,000) the crime is a misdemeanor and the maximum punishment is up to 12 months in jail and a fine of up to $2,500.00.

An embezzlement lawyer in Fairfax, VA offers services that makes the prosecutor prove the case by making sure that every element above can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. In addition, a good embezzlement lawyer in Fairfax, VA defendants turn to, may bring arguments to the court to discredit what the police are saying, or, that there are reasonable explanations for it.

Typically, it is extremely difficult to get prison time for property crimes (e.g. larceny). When the General Assembly eliminated parole in 1994, it established guidelines to keep people out of prison for property crimes. That way the state would have prison space for violent crime convicts. However, a good embezzlement lawyer Fairfax, VA turns to will tell you that this is not necessarily the case with embezzlement.

Prosecutors often seek jail or prison when a defendant embezzles money from a person who entrusted him with their money, for example:

  • An employee embezzles from his or her employer
  • A deacon embezzles from the church
  • Someone who volunteers to do the books for a charity takes money from that charity

Especially in these situations, you would want an experienced embezzlement attorney from Fairfax, VA. This is because not only is one looking at a felony, they could go to prison.

In many embezzlement cases, there will be an opportunity to “settle” this without a charge being placed. Working with an embezzlement lawyer Fairfax, VA prior to being served with charges, may help in negotiating a deal with the complaining witness (e.g. employer, charity, etc.) without the involvement of law enforcement.

The Impact Embezzlement Can Have on You

Being accused of embezzlement can have a number of ramifications, especially if you are convicted of the crime. Facing the consequences of an embezzlement conviction can be earth-shattering, having the ability to alter your life for the long term. A Fairfax, VA embezzlement lawyer will work closely with you by legally strategizing a defense in efforts to mitigate the consequences such as:

  • Fines
  • Incarceration
  • Paying Restitution
  • Trouble Obtaining Future Employment
  • A Criminal Record

The impact embezzlement could have on you can vary based upon the details surrounding the embezzlement charge. Cases involving embezzlement warrant the help of an embezzlement lawyer in Fairfax, VA. When you obtain a lawyer with experience in this area of practice, you can be rest assured that they will develop a strong defense in your case. Working with an embezzlement lawyer in Fairfax, VA can provide you with the clarity and counsel you require to fully understand what the future may hold.

Knowing where, or who to turn to can be challenging amidst embezzlement charges. Embezzlement cases can be full of complexities, making it all the more important to enlist the help of a Fairfax, VA embezzlement lawyer. No person who has been accused of embezzlement should face their case without an experienced embezzlement lawyer from Fairfax, VA by their side. Contact Dave Albo Attorney for the immediate assistance you deserve should you find yourself facing embezzlement charges.


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