The Dangers and Effects of Ketamine

The Dangers and Effects of Ketamine

The Dangers and Effects of Ketamine

When it comes to party drugs, one of the most common is ketamine. Ketamine is a schedule III drug. While it has medical use, it is considered to have a moderate to low physical dependence and high psychological dependence. While most people will not suffer withdrawal from ketamine, they do have difficulty giving up that high. Once addicted, you may feel like you are simply going through life, one high to the next. In some cases, you may not worry about the legal ramifications as long as you can get high one more time.

Ketamine is dangerous, however. Here is what you need to know about the effects of ketamine.

How Ketamine Works

Most users will inject or snort ketamine. Though some may choose to smoke it or take a pill also. This is a potent drug that is more powerful than cocaine. When taken, it produces a high that lasts for around an hour and begins almost immediately. If you use ketamine, you will initially feel relaxed. Some users describe it as feeling like you are detached from your body. It can also cause auditory and visual hallucinations.

What the Ketamine Effects Are

The short-term effects of ketamine are hallucinations. Some of these hallucinations can be vivid and terrifying. Generally, the hallucinations will depend on your state of mind beforehand. If you want to escape an unpleasant situation, then you are going to have unpleasant hallucinations.

Since ketamine is an anesthetic, you will feel disoriented and drowsy. Your heart rate may increase and so will your blood pressure. One of the more dangerous side effects is nausea. If you become physically sick on ketamine, you could choke and be unable to save yourself.

Since ketamine can eliminate pain, you could injure yourself and not realize it. Some people have become crippled because they could not recognize their injuries while on ketamine. For instance, if you were to break your leg, you could continue to walk on it. This causes nerve damage and compound fractures.

Ketamine’s most common and accepted use is in veterinary surgery. As with any controlled substance, if you are caught with ketamine, you could face jail time, fines, probation and more. No matter the schedule of the substance, all drug crimes have serious penalties. Before you try to face the charges on your own, it is important to discuss your case with a criminal defense attorney like from the Morales Law Firm.

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