Criminal Defense Lawyers Fairfax Virginia

Criminal Defense Lawyers Fairfax Virginia

Criminal Defense Lawyer Fairfax VAIf you or a loved one has been charged with a crime you may want to seek the counsel of an experienced criminal defense lawyer Fairfax VA can trust. Crimes can range in severity from misdemeanors to felonies. In either circumstance, you may want to contact a skilled Fairfax criminal defense lawyer from Dave Albo to review your case and provide guidance.

Misdemeanors vs. Felonies

Misdemeanors and felonies are very different in terms of their conviction penalties. Being charged with a felony could result in lengthy jail time, several thousand dollars in fines and a felony criminal record. Misdemeanors, on the other hand, could include prison time for no longer than a year and may include a small fine. No matter what kind of charge you are facing, you have civil rights and deserve a top criminal defense lawyer Fairfax VA has to offer. Working alongside an experienced defense attorney may ensure that your legal rights are protected.

Types of Criminal Charges

An educated criminal defense lawyer Fairfax VA has to offer would explain that there are numerous types of criminal charges. However, the most common include:

1. Aiding and Abetting: Somehow assisting in the commission of a crime or to be an accomplice.
2. Assault / Battery: Threatening a person and physically hurting another individual.
3. Drug Possession: Having illegal drugs in one’s possession.
4. Burglary: Entering a building illegally, typically with the intent to steal things.
5. Theft / Larceny: The taking of someone else’s property without the use of violence.

There are countless other criminal charges that citizens may be arrested for. It is important to know your rights and understand that you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in court. Allow the support and guidance of a skilled lawyer to help protect your legal rights.

Understanding Your Rights

According to the 6th Amendment of the US Constitution, defendants have the right to secure legal representation and should exercise their fundamental right as early in the process as possible. A criminal defense lawyer in Fairfax VA may be able to help explain your rights in all stages of the criminal process and help make the difference between a reduced plea bargain, a dismissal, or a jail sentence.

No matter what the crime – whether major or minor – being arrested and charged with a criminal offense is a serious matter. Hiring a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer Fairfax VA residents trust can help you understand:

· The nature of the charges being filed
· If there are any available defenses and what they are
· What plea bargains are likely to be offered
· What is expected after trial or conviction

Don’t Move Forward Unprepared

If you’ve been charged with a crime, consider hiring an attorney who may properly advise you every step of the way. At Dave Albo – Attorney, our legal team is highly trained and experienced when it comes to criminal defense cases. If you’ve been charged with a crime, don’t hesitate to reach out to our firm for counsel. To speak with a trusted criminal defense lawyer Fairfax VA residents depend on, contact us today at .


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