Criminal Lawyers Fairfax Virginia

Criminal Lawyers Fairfax Virginia

Criminal Lawyer Fairfax VAIf you’re searching for a top criminal lawyers Fairfax Virginia has to offer, you’re likely facing a criminal charge. Regardless of how much evidence is stacked against you, you have the right to hire a Fairfax criminal lawyer to protect your rights and represent you in a fair trial. At Dave Albo, we know how complex a criminal charge can be. It’s our goal to build thorough defense cases for our clients and advocate for their best interests in court.

Criminal Defense Charges in Virginia

Each state has the ability to make its own laws regarding criminal matters, even though there are many actions that are considered illegal in all 50 states. In Virginia, criminal litigation can be complex because state prosecutors are not necessarily required to turn over every piece of evidence to the defendant’s legal counsel. This can make it very difficult to create a bulletproof defense against the charges. Some prosecutors choose to share the most critical information with the defendant’s lawyer, but they are not required to do so before the trial begins.

Furthermore, when a criminal matter is presented in front of a jury, the jury members deliberate on two matters: First, they decide if the defendant is guilty or not guilty. Second, if they issue a verdict of guilty, they provide a recommendation on the sentencing (e.g., fines or incarceration). Even though Virginia has created sentencing guidelines, the jurors do not see these guidelines while they are making their sentence recommendations.

Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

There are clearly many risks when it comes to criminal litigation in Virginia. While no criminal lawyer Fairfax VA provides can protect a defendant against every risk, an experienced lawyer may be able to guard against the most damaging outcomes. By focusing on a realistic outcome, a lawyer may work closely with the prosecution to form a plea deal or an agreement for lesser charges.

If you’re looking to hire a criminal lawyers Fairfax Virginia residents count on, you may already know that hiring a private law firm (as opposed to a state-appointed lawyer) is optional. There are several advantages of hiring your own legal counsel, however. Not only can you choose a lawyer with whom you completely trust and feel comfortable; you can also look for a lawyer who has experience dealing with similar cases. Experience, knowledge, availability of resources, and accessibility all matter in criminal defense litigation.

Speak With a Criminal Lawyer Fairfax VA Residents Rely On

If you or someone you care about is facing a tough legal matter, the lawyers at Dave Albo may be able to help. We have assisted countless Virginians with criminal defense matters and we pride ourselves on being a trusted source for legal counsel. As a top Virginia State Legislator for over 20 years, Dave Albo thoroughly understands what goes into criminal defense litigation. Now operating as a well-known criminal lawyer in Fairfax VA, he truly knows that there is a lot at stake when a defendant is facing criminal charges.

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