Defense Attorney Fairfax Virginia

Defense Attorney Fairfax Virginia

Criminal Defense Attorney Fairfax VA

Being charged with a crime and having to deal with the penalties is difficult to face alone; hiring a criminal defense Criminal Defense Attorney Fairfax VAattorney Fairfax VA clients recommend could make an enormous difference for you. You may qualify for representation by a public defender–certainly something to consider if you’re in a position of financial need. But if you have the means to arrange for representation by a lawyer who focuses on criminal defense, you’re more likely to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

If you’re facing criminal charges, consider contacting Dave Albo – Attorney, LLP. An accomplished Fairfax criminal defense attorney from our firm can help you understand the legal nature of your case as well as protect your best interests.

What to Look for When Hiring an Attorney

When you begin searching for a criminal defense attorney Fairfax VA trusts, you want to keep in mind the desired traits of an attorney who is the right one for you. There are several things that are important to consider.

First, make sure the criminal defense attorney in Fairfax VA who you choose is well versed in Virginia criminal law. He or she should also regularly practice criminal defense in the jurisdiction in which you’ve been charged. Your attorney should understand the complexities of your charges, and a good defense strategy. He or she may benefit from having established relationships with other legal professionals who can testify in your defense. In this way your attorney may know what to expect from the prosecutor and judge involved in your case, and use that knowledge to your advantage.

Next, when consulting with a criminal defense attorney Fairfax VA clients recommend, find out how often he or she takes cases to trial. A successful trial history reflects their ability to defend clients in court. Every case is different, and some benefit from a plea bargain. Other cases demand a trial in order to get justice for the defendant. Only after a careful review of your situation will an attorney know what approach may be in your best interest.

Communication and personality are also important factors in choosing a criminal defense attorney Fairfax VA relies on. Not only should your personality and your lawyer’s resonate with one another, but you should also feel like you can be honest when communicating with your lawyer. Your criminal defense lawyer should be a person you feel like you can trust, and who can not only listen to your concerns as you bring them up, but address them to your satisfaction.

An Attorney Who Can Help

Facing criminal charges is a distressing and difficult situation for many people. Depending on the charges against you, the repercussions of a conviction can result in lifelong consequences. At Dave Albo – Attorney, LLP, we are ready to commit to our clients’ cases, and use our knowledge and experience to fight for their rights. Contact us today at our office at (703) 455-0046 to speak with a criminal defense attorney Fairfax VA clients know they can trust.


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