Drunk Driving Lawyer Fairfax VA 

Drunk Driving Lawyer Fairfax VA 

Drunk Driving Lawyer Fairfax VA Drunk Driving Lawyer Fairfax VA 

What Are Potential Long-Term Consequences Associated with a DUI Conviction?

As a drunk driving lawyer in Fairfax Virginia can attest, the criminal justice system does not frequently display tolerance toward those who drive while knowingly impaired by drugs or alcohol. In fact, the criminal justice system does not generally display much tolerance towards those who unintentionally and unknowingly drive while legally impaired by drugs or alcohol either. Most of the time, DUI convictions tend to result in a host of challenging consequences, many of which have long-term effects. Although a solid legal defense may help to mitigate the chances that some of these consequences will be imposed on any individual defendant, many possible penalties are generally associated with a DUI conviction. The chances that any one consequence may affect an individual defendant increase when the individual in question has a history of impaired driving or the DUI infraction is particularly severe.

Long-Term Consequences – Legal

The possible legal penalties associated with a DUI conviction are numerous. Certainly, incarceration is a possibility, especially for repeat offenses and severe infractions. A Fairfax VA drunk driving lawyer knows that fines, community service terms, and license suspension or revocation are also potential legal consequences of a conviction. If a judge suspects that a defendant may benefit from driver education courses and/or alcohol treatment, these may be mandated as well. When an individual is allowed to drive on a regular or limited basis, a judge may require that individual to install an ignition interlock device in his or her vehicle. The motorist will then need to submit to an alcohol breath test before operating the outfitted car or truck.

Long-Term Consequences – Practical

In addition to the immediate penalties a judge may impose, practical consequences may affect those convicted of DUI charges. For example, a criminal record may make it more difficult for individuals to obtain adequate housing, to be admitted to educational institutions and to obtain employment. A criminal record may also impact child custody cases in situations where a judge perceives an impaired driving history as evidence that an individual may not be a fit custodial guardian for a child.

The stigma associated with a drunk driving conviction can be significant. As a result, it is important to avoid a conviction when possible and to mitigate stigma when possible as well. Taking driver education classes, submitting to substance abuse treatment, etc. can help an individual prove to others that while everyone makes mistakes, the DUI infraction in question was taken seriously and will not occur again in the future. Your drunk driving lawyer in Fairfax VA can help negotiate the best possible outcome with the prosecutor based on the circumstances of your case.

Legal Support Is Available

Because there are so many potential long-term consequences associated with a DUI conviction, it is important to seek an experienced DUI lawyer Fairfax VA trusts as soon as you have been arrested on impaired driving charges. The sooner that you can develop a solid legal strategy, the better. Once your drunk driving lawyer is prepared to execute a sound legal strategy, it may be possible to mitigate the consequences associated with the charges brought against you. That way, even if you opt to plead guilty or are convicted despite a strong defense, you may face fewer long-term consequences associated with your situation than you otherwise might.

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