Rockbridge Assault Defense Attorney

Rockbridge Assault Defense Attorney

Being charged with assault can have lasting effects on your and your family’s life long after you may think it has been settled. If you are convicted of assault doors may close, lose access to jobs, and potentially suffer loss of earning potential. If you are currently facing charges or awaiting trial, the best thing you can do for yourself is to hire a Rockbridge assault defense attorney. Our skilled attorneys at Dave Albo Rockbridge Assault Defense Attorneyhave the experience to effectively argue on your behalf and ensure you receive the most positive outcome possible.

Our lawyers have received accolades from some of the top contributors to the legal field. We are often tapped to participate in the building of best practices for lawyers in the Commonwealth. We are highly respected and have a track record of success. However, our greatest achievements and accolades come from our clients that we have defended. In our fifteen years serving the people of Rockbridge, we have gained an understanding and perspective of the community and its citizens, which allows us to offer the best legal representation available with the track record to prove it.

If you are in danger of an assault conviction, do not allow one mistake to drastically and negatively alter the course of your life. The Rockbridge assault defense lawyers at Dave Albo are here to help. We promise an expert lawyer with years of experience, dedication, and intimate legal knowledge. Call our office any time to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys.


“David Albo is amazing – super professional and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend retaining Dave’s services. He went out of his way to ensure all of my questions and concerns were addressed. Very friendly and quick to respond.”
Emilia S.
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