More Traffic Cameras in Arlington!

Cameras, cameras everywhere! First, traffic cameras were used to enforce traffic light laws. Next, traffic cameras were used to enforce speeding laws. Now, cameras are being attached to Arlington school buses to help enforce laws banning the passing of a stopped school bus.  More traffic cameras in Arlington . . .

Arlington is often on the vanguard of using video technology to enforce traffic laws, such as Reckless Driving, Speeding, and now Passing a School Bus.

In Virginia, there are two code sections that sanction Passing a School Bus. One is a civil statute, the other is, remarkably, a criminal statute. Police have discretion as to whether to use one or the other. Some don’t even know there is a choice! The criminal statute is 46.2-859. It punishes Passing a Stopped School Bus as the crime of Reckless Driving. The civil statute is 46.2-844. It imposes a $250 civil fine for violations.

The new video program in Arlington applies only for the civil statute.

A private contractor is providing the cameras to the County.

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