Court Activity: Fairfax Bond Motion and Fairfax Reckless Driving Case

An Dave Albo – Attorney attorney was in the Fairfax General District Court on January 5 on a bond motion for a young man charged with Attempted Rape, Aggravated Sexual Assault, and Animate Object Sexual Penetration.  The standard for release on bond (bail) is whether one is a risk of flight or if one is a danger the community.  For many felonies, there is a presumption that one charged should never be released on bond.

Unfortunately, Judge Minor refused to release our client.  (Our client is from abroad, visiting the USA as a tourist.  The judge was concerned that he would return to his home country and not return to court for trial.  This is a common problem).  We immediately filed an appeal and will argue it again in the Circuit Court tomorrow.

These are serious charges, but we think that they stem from a huge misunderstanding.

Another Dave Albo – Attorney attorney was in the Fairfax General District Court to defend a Reckless Driving charge.  By negotiation with the prosecutor, the case as dropped from the crime of Reckless Driving down to the mere traffic infraction of Speeding at a slower speed (which means fewer points along with a clean criminal record).

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