DUI Sobriety Checkpoint in Arlington

The Arlington County Police have announced a sobriety checkpoint in Arlington on March 4, 2016. Also, called a DUI roadblock, this is a part of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s national crackdown on drunk driving.

The way a checkpoint works is that the police set up an area with cones, signs, and lighting to funnel cars through. They stop all vehicles and ask for licenses. During this time, they can smell alcohol. (No, gum doesn’t fool anyone, one can smell alcohol from your skin). This can start a DUI investigation.

If the police believe one may be impaired by alcohol or drugs, the suspect is asked to perform field sobriety tests. If arrested, the accused is taken for a breath or blood test and is charged with DUI.

Don’t let this be you! Don’t drink and drive on March 4 — or any other day. It is not worth it.

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