DUI Defense

If you have recently been charged with a DUI, the attorneys at may be able to help. They understand that this is a difficult time in your life and may be able to help you manage your defense and get a fair outcome at your trial.

You may not be aware of the possible defenses that you may have against your DUI charge. These defenses may include:

  • Challenges to your field sobriety test results. Did you know that field sobriety tests are not all equally reliable? Depending on what test the police officer who pulled you over used, you may be able to argue that your failure of one or more field sobriety test was not an indicator that you were under the influence of alcohol. The attorneys are familiar with the different field sobriety tests and know which ones hold up in court and which may not. Make sure you write down and remember which field sobriety tests you took, it may be important at trial.
  • Challenges to your arrest. Generally speaking, if a police officer did not have a reasonable suspicion that you were driving impaired, he or she should not have made an arrest. Police officers can use a variety of indicators to develop a reasonable suspicion such as observation of your behavior, driving patterns, slurred speech, the smell of alcohol, and the results of a field sobriety tests. However, it may be possible to argue that the police officer did not have reason to think you were driving under the influence. This argument may be hard to making, but depending on the facts of your case, it can be an important tool for preventing an unjust outcome at your trial.
  • Challenges to your police station breathalyzer test. If a police officer made an error in arresting you, the results of any breathalyzer or blood test that you took at the police station after being arrested may be inadmissible in court. The attorneys know your rights, and are ready to advocate on your behalf. Law enforcement officers can make mistakes, and the attorneys may be able to help you identify their errors and make sure you don’t pay for their mistakes at trial.
  • Assertion of mitigating factors. Even if your arrest was by the books, the attorneys at know other strategies that may convince a judge to give you a lesser sentence. Such strategies may include highlighting that this is your first offense. Alternatively, you may be able to effectively argue that this is your first offense in many years. Other factors like relatively low blood alcohol concentration, your personal remorse and experiences, and your willingness to accept treatment for substance abuse may all make a difference in the judge’s decision. It may not affect whether you are convicted, but it may reduce your fine, length of your license suspension, jail time, or other sentencing orders.

The attorneys have significant experience asserting these defenses and know how they may apply to your claim. They have represented defendants in plenty of DUI or similar cases and have developed competent strategies for making sure that your rights are protected. During your initial consultation, a representative will ask you questions about your charge, including the facts and circumstances surrounding your arrest and the date of your next hearing or trial. In the event you or a loved one needs professional legal advice, do not hesitate to contact a DUI attorney MD relies on to assist.


Thank you to the The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C for providing their insight on DUI charges.

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