Pre-Paid Attorney

Pre-Paid Attorney

Knowing someone is in your corner at all times can help reduce stress, illness, and prevents desperate measures. Whether it’s your mom, a higher power, your mentor, a friend, etc. This form of confidence adds a sense of relief to any situation, good or bad. And we all know “situations” often arise at a moment’s notice. 

When involved in legal matters, this peace of mind is even more demanding. Often times, people aren’t given the justice or reparations they deserve due to poor representation or in other words, “having no one they trust in their corner”. Not only can this lack of legal relationship hinder recompense; if in case, you actually committed a crime, it can cause you to be awarded a less than desirable outcome due to poor presentation of evidence from your legal representative. 

Considering the services of a prepaid lawyer could be of great benefit to you. In times of pressing legal circumstance, you don’t always have time to “shop” for the best representation, you must consider cost, practice, and time. Having a prepaid lawyer allows you to do research and build a relationship before a case ever arises. In most cases, people aren’t prepared for legal troubles and as a result, are forced into the hands of the public. In the 1990s researchers showed that 9 out of 10 of Americans with public representation were found guilty through court or initially plead that way. This was not the case with private attorneys.  When hiring a Decatur lawyer, it’s good to note that not all attorneys practice the same facets of the law. Being able to choose the lawyer that best fits your needs could be the difference between a good or bad court ruling. 

Retaining a prepaid counsel allows you to have a certain amount of money deducted from your payroll in order to cover future cases. This benefits you because you aren’t faced with the burden of budgeting for their services, they are already hired. And, in the event that a case arises 3 weeks later and you’ve only given them a small portion of the money, they are still under contract to assist you. These types of symbiotic relations give hope to the future and connection between the representer and represented. 

Thanks to Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. for their insight into criminal law and restraining orders.

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