Concealing a Crime

Concealing a Crime

When you are charged with a criminal offense it could lead to a slew of legal trouble at issues and frustration. Some of those may be probation. Probation may Be sentenced after jail time or simply to avoid jail time. be sentenced after jail time or simply to avoid jail time. When considering probation, many people are required to report to a probation officer and failure to do this can lead to jail time. In this blog, we are going to discuss how far you can report a crime. 

Depending on the crime that was witnessed the charge for failing to report that crime may vary. For example, If you or someone you know has witnessed an individual run a stop sign you may not be punished for such a simple offense. However, if you somehow witnessed a murder take place and failed to report any details you may cause trouble to yourself. In the event that you do encourage criminal charges for failing to report a crime it is imperative that you speak with an attorney. 

If you are part of a crime or helped conceal any crime that has taken place, this is not the same. Concealing a crime can lead to criminal charges of another magnitude. Once the crime is investigated, you would be considered an accessory after the fact. 

Your best option to avoid criminal charges is not to take part in any criminal activity. Aiding and abetting is far more intense than failing to report a crime. You want to stay out of legal trouble as much as possible. 

The laws vary from state to state and you can also depend on things or specific factors in that case. For example, if a child is involved in any way you should report this to law-enforcement. You may not be charged with a felony but a misdemeanor can still affect your criminal record and your life in the long run.

In case you or someone you know has witnessed a crime and failed to inform the appropriate authorities, there is a possibility the police officers have gathered this information and are aware of your lack of reporting. In case this happens, it is best to speak with an attorney to weigh out your options. Contact a criminal defense attorney, like from The Lynch Law Group, and inform them of what you’ve witnessed and ask what you should do next.

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