Affordable Criminal Lawyer Fairfax Virginia

Affordable Criminal Lawyer Fairfax Virginia

At Dave Albo, an Affordable Criminal Lawyer Fairfax Virginia residents trust can imagine that right now you may be feeling overwhelmed with what is at stake. Perhaps you just recently were arrested for a crime and are not sure what your next step of action should be. As we may tell you over the phone, it is imperative that you hire a lawyer that has experience in criminal defense and that they are affordable for you. We have represented clients facing a wide variety of criminal matters, and many of these people are facing charges for the very first time. Even if you have a criminal background of some kind, it does not mean that you should not do everything you can to defend yourself during this time. We are here to advocate for you. 

During a free initial, no-obligation consultation, many potential clients ask us about:

  • What type of criminal defense cases we can take on
  • The cost for legal representation
  • Whether a lawyer can defend someone even if they know they are guilty
  • What duties related to ethics a lawyer must follow, client-attorney privilege, and confidentiality
  • The type of cases that we have represented in the past

What is a criminal defense lawyer?

A criminal lawyer Fairfax VA individuals trust is a person who went to law school and was admitted to practice law from the bar of their particular jurisdiction. This “bar” is essentially an association which grants attorneys their licenses. Just like any other professional licenses, this enables an attorney to practice their law. And criminal defense lawyers specifically act as representatives of a defendant in criminal court. Lastly, a criminal defense lawyer who takes on a case can work to give their client the best possible verdict. 

What if the person who needs legal representation is guilty?

A criminal defense lawyer can defend a person they know is guilty. However, the lawyer is not required to defend someone who is guilty, as private lawyers can decline a case or client permitting that they are not being discriminatory in doing so. There are many reasons why a criminal defense lawyer may opt to defend someone that they know is not innocent. Firstly, a lawyer is not so much concerned about what their client did. Instead, they are more concerned with what the prosecution has brought forward against their client. A lawyer’s job is not to cast judgement, but to use the law to defend their clients to the very best of their knowledge and ability. 

If you are someone who was recently accused of a serious crime, then now is the time to act. The sooner you have someone dedicated to act as your lawyer, the more time he or she has to strategize and build your case. Call Dave Albo today to speak with a committed and experienced Fairfax Affordable Criminal Lawyer in VA. 


“David Albo is amazing – super professional and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend retaining Dave’s services. He went out of his way to ensure all of my questions and concerns were addressed. Very friendly and quick to respond.”
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