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Augusta Assault Defense Attorney

Augusta Assault Defense Attorney

Augusta Assault Defense AttorneyHave you been arrested or charged recently with assault? Are you awaiting trial without representation? Are you nervous to face these charges alone? The Augusta assault defense attorneys at Dave Albo can help put these fears to rest. We understand that mistakes can happen, but we also realize, especially in cases of assault, that there is rarely a cut and dry case. Each party involved have their own opinions, perspectives, and prejudices when witnessing an assault. Our job as assault defense attorneys is to protect your rights and piece together the facts of the case in order to build you a strong defense and ensure the most positive outcome to your case is achieved.

Assault is a tricky charge for both the accused and their legal representation. The laws are generally vague and very broad giving the prosecution the upper hand against unprepared defense attorneys. Here at Dave Albo we pride ourselves as being innovators and creative, critical legal thinkers. This allows us to fight back against the leeway of the state when fighting an assault charge. During our fifteen years as a firm, our lawyers have successfully defended countless clients against assault and battery charges brought by zealous prosecutors and law enforcement. We have a reputation in Augusta as being the firm that is creative in our defense and give our clients the personalized representation that makes a terrible situation a little easier with which to deal.

If you find yourself in the process of being tried for assault, call our experienced Augusta assault defense lawyers. Our firm, will work tirelessly to defend your rights and especially your freedom. Do not allow yourself to be railroaded by the legal system or receive the full protection of your rights as a citizen. Call our Augusta office any time to schedule a consultation on your case.


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