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What are common mistakes people make when arrested?

What are common mistakes people make when arrested?Many people become overwhelmed when arrested and make mistakes that make things even worse, as a criminal defense attorney Fairfax VA trusts can attest. If you have been charged with a crime, it is important to stay calm and not do anything that may jeopardize your case. Here are some common mistakes people make when arrested:

1. Resisting arrest.

Even if you believe you have been wrongly arrested, you should not resist arrest. If you act aggressively toward the police officer or try to run, you could face additional charges. It is best to follow orders, be respectful, and call your criminal defense attorney in Fairfax VA afterward. If law enforcement is guilty of wrongdoing, this could jeopardize the entire prosecution, and your attorney may counsel you on how to proceed in this case.

2. Talking to the police about your case without consulting an attorney first.

If you talk to the police about your case, you could accidentally incriminate yourself. Politely tell the police that you refuse to talk about the situation in detail without a criminal defense attorney Fairfax VA respects present.

3. Allowing the police to conduct searches without reason.

If the police ask to search your car or home without a warrant and without a valid reason, you may refuse. Even if you have nothing to hide, the police may find something that you had no idea was there. The police can’t legally searching your belongings without a court order.

4. Not hiring a criminal attorney immediately.

It may be important to contact a criminal defense attorney Fairfax VA depends on as soon as possible. Even if you are guilty, an attorney may help you achieve a more favorable outcome. For example, if this is the first time you have been arrested, your lawyer may be able to convince the prosecutor to give you probation instead of jail time. A criminal attorney may also protect you from the police, offer sound legal advice, and prepare you for court.

5. Accepting the prosecutor’s first deal.

Dealing with criminal charges can be incredibly stressful, so it is understandable if you want to get things over as quickly as possible. However, that does not always mean you should settle for the prosecutor’s first plea deal. Initial plea offers are sometimes very unfavorable. It may be in your best interest to give your Fairfax criminal defense attorney enough time to work out a better deal.

6. Discussing your case with friends.

When you are facing criminal charges, you may want to talk about your situation with your closest friends. However, this could backfire on you later in the case. If your friends are subpoenaed, they will be required to tell the court what you told them. That is why you should only discuss details about your case with your criminal defense attorney Fairfax VA counts on.

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