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Criminal Defense Law Firm Fairfax, VA

Criminal Defense Law Firm in Fairfax, VA

If you have been arrested for your involvement in a homicide, please call a Criminal Defense Law Firm in Fairfax, VA at the Dave Albo law firm immediately. Do not give any additional information to the arresting officer or investigation team aside from your name and contact information. Being arrested for supposedly being a part of a homicide is one of the most serious accusations, and can come along with severe punishments. It is in your best interest to get help from a legal professional with a sense of urgency.

When a criminal attorney in Fairfax, VA uses the term “homicide”, it means that one human being had killed another. While the act of a homicide in itself is not deemed criminal, it does encompass both lawful and unlawful killing. Homicide even refers to when the state executes someone as a result of them being on death row.

The Crime of Murder

If a person is arrested for murder, this means that they are accused of intentionally killing another human being. When searching for an attorney to represent you in such a situation, it is vital that you have someone who has years of experience handling such serious cases. Dave Albo at Fairfax Criminal Defense Law Firm can imagine the distress and anxiety you are probably battling due to this arrest, knowing that there’s a risk you may have to spend life behind bars.

Dave Albo’s Virginia Criminal Defense Law Firm can review the circumstances of the incident to determine whether the following elements of murder applied: 

  • The act was unlawful (the killing was not as a result of self-defense)
  • The act was done with a “malicious aforethought” (premeditation)
  • The act was committed with a prior intent to kill or cause severe bodily harm
  • The act was so reckless and indifferent to human life 
  • The act was initially to commit a felony of a dangerous nature, which accidentally resulted in the death of a human being

Degrees of Murder

After Dave Albo consults with you in-person about your case at the Criminal Defense Law Firm in VA, he can talk with you about what degree of murder charges you may face and what defense strageties can be utilized to help protect you from the worst repercussions. The laws pertaining to murder can vary based on the state you live in, but in general there are four degrees of murder that are recognized widely: 

  1. First Degree Murder: a premeditated and deliberate killing. 
  2. Second Degree Murder: a killing that was not proven to be premeditated.
  3. Felony Murder: a killing that was accidental during a felony criminal act. 
  4. Aggravating Circumstances: when a killing was committed by laying in wait, or specifically targeting a person in a certain position, such as a firefighter, judge, or police officer. 

If you were arrested for partaking in homicide, you must contact a reputable attorney now. Do not wait days or weeks to get legal assistance. You need someone to begin building your defense immediately, as time is of the essence. If you want to know more information don’t hesitate to contact Dave Albo – Attorney at the Fairfax, VA Criminal Defense Law Firm.


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