Criminal Defense: When To Call a Lawyer

Criminal Defense: When To Call a Lawyer

Criminal Lawyer Fairfax VA

Criminal Lawyer Fairfax VAKnowing when to contact a criminal lawyer Fairfax VA offers can be difficult to determine. It can be a mistake to wait until after you have been contacted by the police for questioning. Dave Albo – Attorney is a Fairfax criminal lawyer who can protect your rights from the very beginning. Waiting too long to hire legal counsel can be catastrophic for your case if you were to self-incriminate yourself in the meantime.

You Have the Right to Remain Silent

This is true even if you have not been arrested. You may be wondering why the police even want to question you. Sometimes, police are only looking to ask questions about a case they are working on. Being contacted by a government agency or police officer does not automatically mean that you are a potential criminal suspect. Sometimes, they are just following up with leads regarding a case they’re working on that may have little to do with you. However, they can change their mind in the midst of speaking with you and decide you are a suspect for a crime you may or may not have committed. It is your legal right to have a criminal lawyer in Fairfax VA by your side when questioned by any law enforcement agent.

Protect Your Rights

The information within this article is important to take into consideration if you are trying to determine when it may be helpful to hire a criminal defense attorney to represent you. At times, the authorities may contact you with questions. You are not required to talk to them and you can hire legal representation at any point. A criminal lawyer Fairfax VA locals recommend can keep you from providing information to law enforcement that may be self-incriminating.

After You Have Been Arrested

If you have been charged with a crime, it is even more important to contact a criminal lawyer Fairfax VA community members hire. Many people do not realize that law enforcement agents do not have to read them their rights until after they have been booked for a crime. When they have not been read their rights, the person may feel more comfortable than they should when speaking with the police.

Court Appearances and Representation

In the event that you have to make a court appearance, it may not be your best decision should you decide to represent yourself in court. It’s important to consider hiring a criminal lawyer Fairfax VA defendants trust because they fully understand the law and the legal process.

Call a Respected Lawyer

Dave Albo – Attorney specializes in criminal law and can provide you with solid legal representation. Call him immediately so that he can protect your rights from the very beginning. Your future is at stake and working with the right lawyer can make all the difference for a positive outcome. Don’t take any chances; call Dave Albo – Attorney immediately at (703) 455-0046 to request a free consultation with a criminal lawyer Fairfax VA residents choose to protect their rights.


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