Distracted Driving Lawyer Fairfax, VA

Distracted Driving Lawyer Fairfax, VA

Distracted Driving Lawyer Fairfax, VA

Distracted Driving Lawyer - Fairfax, VAEveryone makes mistakes. And unfortunately, making mistakes while behind the wheel is an inevitable part of driving. The key to successfully navigating any mistakes you make is to learn from them and to seek out professional guidance and support when necessary. For example, if you have been charged with a significant traffic-related offense, it is important to contact Dave Albo – Attorney, as soon as you possibly can. Whether you have been charged with distracted driving or drunk driving, reckless driving or negligent operation of a vehicle, our experienced Fairfax, Virginia distracted driving lawyer can help.

Myth: A DUI Charge Isn’t a Big Deal

It’s a common misconception that a DUI is a minor offense. While that may have been true decades ago, it’s not the case today. DUI charges are considered very serious offenses nowadays and can carry serious penalties, including jail time, hefty fines and revocation of your driver’s license. You may also get a conviction on your record, which can make it more difficult to find employment and obtain housing in the future. The type of penalties you’ll face will depend on different factors, including whether you’ve had DUI convictions in the past or not. Because the consequences associated with a DUI conviction are potentially severe, please contact an experienced Fairfax, VA DUI lawyer immediately.

Myth: Any Lawyer Can Handle a DUI or Distracted Driving Case

This simply isn’t true. There are lawyers in many fields of law and not all of them are equipped to defend DUI and/or distracted driving charges. For example, if you had a lawyer take care of a speeding ticket before, don’t assume that he or she has the qualifications to defend you against a DUI charge. It’s important to hire a lawyer who has extensive experience with your kind of circumstances. If you have questions about the kinds of cases a Fairfax, VA distracted driving lawyer has handled successfully, please do not hesitate to ask.

Myth: I Can Only Get a DUI If My BAC is Above .08 Percent

It’s actually possible to get charged with a DUI if your BAC is below .08%. If the police officer who pulled you over believes that you’re impaired, he or she can take you to the police station. That’s why it’s best to not drive at all if you’ve consumed any alcohol. If you had a drink or two, have someone drive you home.

Myth: If Your BAC Was Over the Legal Limit, You Shouldn’t Fight Your DUI

If you took a breath test and blew over the legal limit, you might think that you have no choice but to plead guilty. However, there may be issues with the test that may be able to help your case. For example, if the police officer wasn’t properly trained on how to give breathalyzers, your case might get thrown out. Additionally, if you’ve never been in trouble with the law before, the judge may be willing to reduce your charges.

As you can see, there are many misconceptions about DUI charges and other traffic infractions within the public consciousness. As a result, it is important to speak with an experienced Fairfax, VA distracted driving lawyer before making any assumptions about your particular situation. That way, you can better ensure that any decisions you make about your case are informed ones.

Is Distracted Driving Reckless Driving?

The American public is now well aware that choosing to drive while engaging in distractions, like speaking on your phone, glancing at your phone, or putting on a quick coat of lip gloss while looking in your mirror, is dangerous. But that doesn’t mean that it is always easy to avoid driving while distracted. For example, your GPS could be acting up while you’re on the highway. There are times when a failure to adjust your settings could arguably be more dangerous than waiting until you can safely pull over to address whatever the technical issue is. While most distracted driving behavior is unacceptable and should be avoided, sometimes distracted driving behavior is either necessary or unavoidable. For better and for worse, the law doesn’t distinguish between one set of circumstances and another. If you’re caught driving while engaged in prohibitive distractions, you’re going to want to call a Fairfax distracted driving lawyer. Failure to respond to your ticket could lead to serious legal consequences – even if you had an extremely good reason for the behavior that landed you in trouble. This is especially true if your distracted driving behavior is classified as reckless driving, as opposed to negligent driving.

Is Distracted Driving Reckless Driving?

There are times when distracted driving behavior is treated as reckless driving under the law and times when it isn’t. Technically, any behavior that takes a motorist’s eyes off the road, mind off the task at hand and/or hands off the wheel is distracted driving behavior. Behaviors that inspire particularly significant levels of distraction, including texting while driving, tend to be classified as reckless driving. Less significant distractions, such as talking on your cell without a hands-free device, are more likely to be treated as negligent driving, no matter which state you’re driving in. It is a good idea to fight a distracted driving infraction with the assistance of a Fairfax distracted driving lawyer, because simply paying the ticket or showing up to court without a defense strategy could lead to serious fines, points on your license, insurance rate hikes, etc. But it is especially important to connect with a Fairfax, VA reckless driving lawyer if your infraction is classified as reckless, because a conviction here could actually land you in jail.

Legal Assistance Is Available 

If you have been charged with a distracted driving infraction (whether or not that infraction is ultimately classified as negligent or reckless driving behavior), please connect with Fairfax distracted driving lawyer Dave Albo – Attorney today. Our legal team has extensive experience assisting Virginia drivers with navigating the aftermath of being cited for traffic infractions, both severe and less severe in nature. By mounting a strong defense now, you may be able to save yourself from significant penalties (including significant auto insurance rate hikes) down the road. 


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