Drug Crimes Lawyer

Drug Crimes Lawyer

Drug Crimes LawyerDave Albo  provides quality legal representation to those who have been charged with one or more drug crimes. Call us without hesitation to speak with an experienced drug crimes lawyer in Fairfax VA. We do not charge for the initial consultation. We are available to represent the Fairfax community and protect the rights of those charged with drug crimes.

Common Types of Drug Crimes

Criminal charges for drug crimes are numerous, but some are more common than others. Here is a brief overview. For more information specific to your charges, consult Dave Albo from Dave Albo who will be happy to discuss your case.

  • Drug paraphernalia. This criminal charge focuses on any type of equipment that is used to inject, conceal, inhale, or prepare illegal narcotics. Common examples are bongs, syringes, pipes, and rolling papers.
  • Possession of drugs. This is specific to illegal, or illegally obtained, narcotics. Criminal charges vary by state and are based on the type of substance, the amount, and the purpose such as whether or not the possessor intends to sell and distribute it. In some states it’s legal to have marijuana up to a certain weight in one’s possession but it’s not legal for individuals to sell it. Dave Albo can help determine if the charges against you are valid and the best strategy to fight them.
  • Manufacturing or delivery of drugs. The delivery of drugs is a crime on both the state and federal level. The penalties for conviction for the manufacture or delivery of illegal substances can result in long jail terms and stiff fines.
  • Drug trafficking. The sale, transportation, or importation of illegal drugs is illegal and qualifies as a felony. Even if you are not transporting them, but have them in large quantities in your possession, the authorities can charge you with trafficking based on the assumption that it’s your intention to do so.
  • Drug dealing. This is the sale of illegal drugs but in smaller quantities than drug trafficking. However, the penalties for a conviction can be very serious.

Proving Guilt of Drug Crimes

To prove a drug charge, the prosecutor must prove that the defendant knowingly and intentionally possessed the drug. The type of drug determines the seriousness of the charge. Unsurprisingly, “Possession of Marijuana” is not nearly as serious as “Possession of Cocaine.” The key here is “knowing and intentional” possession. This can be hard for a prosecutor to prove and is the main defense in drug cases.

“Possession with Intent to Distribute” (PWID) marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, or heroin are frequently charged drug crimes. Items such as scales, baggies, and larger quantities of drugs become the basis of such charges, even if the use was personal. To prove PWID, a prosecutor must prove that the defendant possessed with intent to distribute the drug. With the exception of Marijuana, the possession of which is a misdemeanor, almost all drug charges are felonies in Virginia. The maximum punishment for simple possession is up to 10 years in prison.
Oddly, whether a motor vehicle is involved in a drug case or not, most convictions of a drug offense also results in a mandatory driver’s license suspension for at least six months.

Our attorneys are available for a free consultation if you have been charged with drug crimes. Whether you have been released on bond or bail, or are still incarcerated, we can arrange a no-cost case review to discuss your charges. Our legal team is committed to protecting the rights of the accused. Call us immediately to speak with an attorney about how we may defend you if you have been charged with one or more drug crimes.


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