Drunk in Public, Urinating in Public

Drunk in Public, Urinating in Public

Drunk in Public, Urinating in PublicIf you have been charged for being drunk in public or urinating in public, you may want to talk with lawyers who understand how to navigate these complex laws and situations. Dave Albo is well-versed in these matters and may help you get your charges reduced or dropped. For more information on a being drunk in public or urinating in public, call our firm now.

Laws for Being Drunk in Public and/or Urinating in Public

To prove that one was drunk in public, a prosecutor must prove (1) that a defendant was drunk and (2) that he was in public. Both elements are particularly fact-based. “Drunk” can be as little as having consumed enough of an alcoholic beverage to observably affect his manner, disposition, speech, muscular movement, general appearance, or behavior. These types of charges are often very sensitive which is why you should have a drunk in public lawyer in Fairfax VA working for you.

Urinating in public is illegal in all states. To prove a person was urinating in public, the prosecutor must be able to show valid evidence, which could include footage or eyewitness statements. Furthermore, it must be proven that the individual was indeed in a public setting. The existence of visible signs and evidence, as well as the location where the incident took place, could factor in the charges of your case. Laws for urinating in public vary by state, and even by county, which is why it’s a good idea to speak with a Fairfax urinating in public lawyer.

Being Charged with Indecent Exposure in VA

In Virginia, urinating in public can be charged as “indecent exposure” which is a Class 4 misdemeanor. Contrary to what you might think, violators are not put on the sex offender registry unless certain other acts were committed. In some cases a prosecutor will try to charge defendants with other crimes. For this reason you should consult a urinating in public lawyer in Fairfax VA for more advice.

Understanding What “Public” Means

“Public” isn’t what many people think. Generally, if others can see you, you are in public. This technically means that urinating off the balcony of your house, which might be visible to a road, could be considered as urinating in public. Likewise, “drunk in public” might constitute sitting on the porch of your apartment building. Because these are highly complex charges, it’s a good idea to retain a Fairfax drunk in public lawyer.

Contact Dave Albo For Legal Counsel

Being charged with either of these crimes can be devastating. Even if you are eventually acquitted of all charges, there are many ways that these criminal charges could impact your life. Embarrassment, guilt, and anxiety might cause you to lose focus on your work, family, or social life — leading to additional problems and disruptions. Rather than letting this happen, you have the right to find out what a lawyer has to say. When you call our firm, you may benefit from:

  • Open and honest communication
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  • Assertive argumentation to protect your rights and defense
  • Individually focused attention to your case
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If you have been drunk in public or been caught urinating in public, please call Dave Albo.


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