DWI Defense Strategy

DWI Defense Strategy

DWI lawyer Fairfax VA

DWI lawyer Fairfax VAFacing criminal charges of any kind can be shocking and terrifying for the accused. The person arrested may suffer harsh or unfair consequences that can affect the rest of his or her life. At Dave Albo – Attorney, we understand just how vital it may be to your case to have a DWI lawyer in Fairfax VA who can utilize aggressive strategies to defend you. We take very seriously our role in helping you get a DWI charge dropped, or significantly minimized in court. Here in the article to follow, we have covered a few things to consider regarding your DWI arrest.

Definition of Drunk Driving

Many state laws define drunk driving crimes as operating or being in control of a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. The verdict of a DWI case can depend on a variety of factors. For example, whether the intoxicated person was only sitting in the car with the engine on versus speeding on a highway can contribute to the ultimate repercussions the person shall face. Other details that may be an influential factor in the DWI case ruling can include:

  • If the vehicle was located on or off the roadway
  • Where the driver was sitting in the vehicle
  • Where the keys were placed (in the ignition or glovebox)
  • If the vehicle was operational

Elements of DWI Law

When an officer pulls over or approaches a driver in their car suspecting they are under the influence, he or she may collect certain evidence at the scene or shortly thereafter. The kind of evidence that may be used against you in your DWI case is listed as follows:

  • Officer testimony of driver operating vehicle in an unusual or unsafe manner
  • Officer testimony of the driver’s physical appearance and body language
  • Results of the driver’s field sobriety test
  • Recordings or photographs of the scene where the driver was arrested
  • Any self-incriminating statements on behalf of the driver during arrest

Driver Appearance

When an officer pulls over a driver due to suspicions of being intoxicated, there are certain cues in physical appearance the officer may be looking for. If the driver appears bedraggled, unkempt, eyes are red/glassy/bloodshot, flushed face, has hints of alcohol on breath, or speaks in a slurred manner, the officer may determine the driver is probably under the influence. The driver may then be required to perform a breathalyzer or blood/urine test to determine alcohol level in the body.

Faulty DWI Testing

It is possible the breathalyzer or sample testing was performed in a faulty way which led to false results. The lab may have mishandled your sample or the officer did not properly reset the breathalyzer before starting your test. A Fairfax VA DWI lawyer at Dave Albo – Attorney can look into this further to see if it may be a factor in your criminal defense case.

Do not wait until the last minute to consult with an attorney at Dave Albo – Attorney. The quicker you hire a qualified DWI lawyer Fairfax VA clients recommend to represent you, the sooner you have a professional working on your behalf.


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