Fairfax VA Drug Offense Attorney

Fairfax VA Drug Offense Attorney

Fairfax VA Drug Offense Attorney

Fairfax VA Drug Offense AttorneyDrug possession is a serious charge with serious consequences. Our prisons are filled with people convicted of drug charges ranging from possession, to distribution, to manufacturing. The War on Drugs has stiffened penalties and has put the prosecution of drug related charges at the forefront of most prosecutors’ agendas. The best way to protect yourself if you are charged with a drug related crime is to hire a Fairfax drug defense attorney. At Dave Albo we have the experience and tenacity to aggressively defend you and ensure you receive the best possible outcome to your case.

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Drug charges in Fairfax can range greatly. Possession of a banned substance, paraphernalia, or the ingredients to manufacture certain narcotics. The type of drug and quantity can greatly affect the severity of your charge and the potential sentencing you may receive at trial. What a seasoned defense lawyer can provide you is the intimate knowledge of the laws and statutes affecting your case and craft a solid defense to protect you.

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The Fairfax drug defense lawyers at, Dave Albo are seasoned veterans, successfully defending clients for over fifteen years. Do not allow the state take away your freedom or trample your rights to get a conviction. Let us build you a defense and provide you with the best legal counsel in Virginia. We are always here to help you and your family navigate through any drug charge. Schedule a consultation with one of our legal experts, call our Fairfax office.


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