Fairfax VA Criminal Attorney

Fairfax VA Criminal Attorney

What should I look for in a criminal attorney?

Criminal Attorney Fairfax VA Choosing a criminal attorney Fairfax VA trusts to handle your criminal case is a big step. Not all criminal lawyers are created equal and choosing the wrong one can negatively impact your case. If you don’t know what to look for when making your decision, you may hire a lawyer who is not a good fit. Here is some advice on what you should look for in the criminal attorney you hire:

Experience With Similar Criminal Offenses

Look for a criminal attorney in Fairfax VA who has represented defendants with similar criminal charges. For example, if you have a DUI charge, it might not be a good idea to hire an attorney who only handles theft charges. The more experience a lawyer has with similar criminal offenses, the more likely he may be to build a strong defense. To learn more about a lawyer’s experience, you may want to ask questions, such as, “How many people have you represented who have been charged with drunk driving?” and, “What percentage of your drunk driving cases have favorable outcomes?”


Fighting criminal charges can be challenging, so you want to work with a criminal attorney Fairfax VA respects who is confident. During your consultation, you should get a good feeling that he is determined to help you fight your charges and won’t back down. A lawyer who seems unsure of his abilities might not be wise to work with.


It’s also important to choose a criminal attorney Fairfax VA relies on who actually has time to take your case. Criminal attorneys with heavy caseloads might not be able to give your case the time and attention it deserves. When you are speaking with a criminal attorney for the first time, ask him how many cases he is currently working on and how quickly he returns phone calls. If you get the impression that he is very busy, you may be better off speaking to another attorney.


You may also want to work with a Fairfax criminal attorney who seems personable. If your lawyer has a pleasant demeanor, you may feel more comfortable around him and have an easier time talking about your concerns. Pay attention to how you and your interact with one another during your first consultation. If the conversation flows easily and the two of you seem comfortable with one another, he might be the right attorney for you.


Working with a criminal attorney Fairfax VA depends on with integrity is crucial. You want him to always be honest with you and keep your best interests at heart. One way to find out about a lawyer’s integrity is to contact references. Ask them about their experience with the lawyer and whether or not he has a high level of integrity.

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