Negligent Driving Lawyer Fairfax VA

Negligent Driving Lawyer Fairfax VA

Negligent Driving Lawyer – Fairfax, VA Negligent Driving Lawyer Fairfax VA

If you have been charged with a negligent or reckless driving offense, Dave Albo – Attorney can help. This may be an understandably confusing time for you, so our Fairfax, VA negligent driving lawyer has created a simple guide on what you need to know when it comes to the basics of preparing your defense.

What exactly is reckless driving?

Whereas negligent driving is a failure to operate a motor vehicle with reasonable care, reckless driving involves a willful or wanton disregard for the safety of others while driving. Simply put, if a driver is disregarding the safety of others, both pedestrians and other motorists, then they are driving either negligently or recklessly as defined by law. A Fairfax, VA reckless driving lawyer can help to clarify any questions you may have regarding this legal distinction.

There are many examples of negligent and reckless driving behaviors:

  • Weaving in and out of traffic at a fast pace and without proper signals
  • Texting and/or talking on the phone when driving
  • Passing a stopped school bus
  • Speeding more than 20 mph over posted speed limit signs
  • Evading police
  • Failure to signal
  • Failure the yield the right of way
  • Driving a vehicle with known defects, such as broken brakes or broken turn signal
  • Racing
  • Driving while under the intoxication of drugs and/or alcohol

It is important to note the difference between speeding and reckless driving. While low-level and moderate-level speeding is usually treated as a simple traffic violation, it can easily be upgraded to a reckless driving charge if the motorist was using excessive speed. Also, since reckless driving is used as an umbrella term in a court of law, you may have been charged with something that is not on the list above. An experienced Fairfax, VA negligent driving lawyer can help you to better understand your charges and how they may play out for the remainder of your case.

Common reckless driving defenses

It is important to work with an experienced Fairfax, VA negligent driving lawyer because they will be able to create a solid defense for you. While the defense you and your lawyer will construct will be dependant on the specific details of your case, some common defenses include necessity to act reckless, negligence of the other motorist, lack of proper signage, or even the accuracy of the police report. A good Fairfax, VA negligent driving lawyer will communicate options with you, provide alternatives, and even help to discover holes in the prosecution’s case that can potentially lessen your charge.

Potential reckless driving penalties

The extent of your penalties can differ as your previous driving record is one of the factors taken into consideration when sentencing. Typical options include paying a fine, getting points on your license, having a full license suspension, having to take a specialized driving course, or even incarceration. Keep in mind these penalties do depend on the state the crime happened in.

Working with a reckless driving attorney

An experienced Fairfax, VA negligent driving lawyer will work to ensure your rights are protected when it comes to sometimes long and arduous court proceedings. From start to finish, you can expect your lawyer to lay out a game plan for your case, negotiate a different plea to find a solution that is right and fair, communicate with you any and all updates, and serve as your legal advocate when it comes to making statements to insurance agencies, the prosecution, and even the press.

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