Reckless Driving Lawyer Alexandria VA

Reckless Driving Lawyer Alexandria VA

Where, when, and how to meet your lawyer in Alexandria General District Court.

Reckless Driving Lawyer Alexandria VAFor people charged with a Misdemeanor Traffic Offense or Misdemeanor Criminal charge in Alexandria General District Court, an experienced Criminal – DUI / DWI – Reckless Driving Lawyer Alexandria VA can explain to you where and when to meet.  But, here is the general information.

Alexandria City Court location.  The Alexandria City Court is located at 520 King Street, right in the heart of “Old Town” Alexandria.  I have found that it is easiest to park in the public lot located under the Court.  The entrance is on South Pitt between King and Prince streets.  There are almost always spaces available.  Use the elevator and it will open up into an office building.  Walk out that office door and you are at the Courthouse!

Courthouse Entrance and Security.  Pursuant to a new Court Order from October 2, 2017, the Alexandria Court does NOT allow cell phones.  Only attorneys and those people who need a phone for evidence can have a phone.  If you need your phone for evidence, then give it to your Criminal – DUI / DWI – Reckless Driving Lawyer Alexandria VA.  If you don’t have an attorney, and you need the phone, you need to make arrangements with the Court prior to the Court.  There are no lockers in Alexandria.  So, you will need to leave your phone in your car or at home if you are taking mass transit.   Once you go through the magnometers, proceed to the second floor.  Security is tight at Alexandria.  They make you take off your belt and often your shoes.  Generally, the courtroom on the left is for Traffic and the right is for Criminal, but that can change.  Thus, it is best to check the docket to be sure.  At the top of the stairs, there is a bulletin board that will have print outs of the docket.  Alexandria has not invested in electronic dockets, so the docket is on a dot matrix print-out posted on a bulletin board.  You will have to wait in a line while others are looking at the print out.  Eventually, you will be able to look for your name and see which Court room your case is to be heard.

Time and place to meet your attorney.   Usually, a Criminal – DUI / DWI – Reckless Driving Lawyer Alexandria VA, will meet you in front of the Court room door in the hallway.  We prefer our clients to arrive 15 minutes prior to Court start time.  We only do one serious charge a day, so if we are not there prior to 15 minutes before court, it is because we are talking to the Prosecutor.  Other attorneys, unfortunately, represent many different people a day.  They charge low fees and do a high volume each day.  That can save their clients’ money, but they may not be at your hearing on time because they are in another court room or even another court house.  If this happens to you, be sure to go into the court room so when your case is called, you can tell the Judge that your attorney has not yet arrived.

Judges in Alexandria.  Alexandria is a relatively small jurisdiction as compared to other areas of Northern Virginia.  There are only two General District Court Judges, and thus, only two court rooms being used at any given time.


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