Reckless Driving Lawyer in Prince William VA

Reckless Driving Lawyer in Prince William VA

Meeting your lawyer in the General District Court of Prince William.

Reckless Driving Lawyer Prince William VABeing charged with serious Traffic Offenses or Criminal charge in Prince William County General District Court, will make anyone stressed or at the least, very nervous.  This is why your Criminal – DUI / DWI – Reckless Driving Lawyer Prince William VA should set up an easy method for you to find him/her in the Courthouse.

Prince William Court location.  The Prince William County Courthouse is located at 9311 Lee Ave. Manassas, VA.   There is plenty of parking and it is free.  There is a lot right by the Courthouse and other lots within a short walking distance.  They are all located just North on the front door to the Courthouse.

Courthouse Entrance and Security.  Prince William does NOT allow cell phones.  Also, they have no place to check them or store them.  So, you either have to leave it in your car or if you are taking a cab or Uber, you must leave it at home.  Only attorneys are allowed to have cell phones.

Where and when to meet your attorney.   Usually, a Criminal – DUI / DWI – Reckless Driving Lawyer Prince William VA, will meet clients in the hallway.  Thus, wait for your attorney in front of the actual door to the Court room.  I prefer to meet my clients 15 minutes prior to the start time of the Court.  In Prince William, different types of cases start at different times.  Here is the list:

Walk-in arraignments, Courtroom  1:  Mon. – Fri., 8:30 a.m. –

In jail video arraignments, Courtroom 2:  Mon. – Fri., 9:30 a.m.

Misdemeanors & Traffic:  Mon. – Fri., 9:00 a.m.

Preliminary Hearings:  Mon. – Fri., 11:30 a.m

Returns on prior cases:  Mon., 1:30 p.m.

If we are not actually there 15 minutes prior, it is because we are in another room talking to the Prosecutor.  Just stay there in the hall.  I promise we will be there prior to Court starting.  This is not the case with some lawyers.  Some cheaper lawyers charge low fees then accept a lot of clients to represent all at the same time.   This can work – you can save money, but don’t expect individual attention nor should you expect them to actually meet you prior to the start of Court.  If you hired a cheap lawyer to save money and he is not there, just sit in the court room and your lawyer should find you later.  If your case gets called, just tell the Judge that your lawyer is “Mr. X” and he is not here yet.”

Which court room is my case?  Once you get process by walking under the magnometers, you can walk up the steps to the second floor.  Right there at the top of the stairs are t.v. screens that list everyone’s names and show what court room they are in (e.g. room 1 – 5).  Once you know your court room, turn around 180 degrees and walk down the hallway to your actual court room.  If you don’t see your case listed, right next to the t.v.’s is a information booth with a helpful lady who can look it up for you.

What will happen in Court?  In Prince William, the Prosecutors will actually talk to Defendant’s who are not represented by lawyers.  There is no law that says you have to have a lawyer.  If you want to save some money and represent yourself, when your case is called by the Judge, just say “I would like the opportunity to talk to the Prosecutor.”  The Judge will set you case aside.  Remember, though, that when talking to the Prosecutor, his / her job is to convict you.  You can try and negotiate a deal, but unless you know the law, you probably have nothing to bargain with.  If you want something to bargain with (e.g. decent legal arguments, information about your background that would make a Prosecutor sympathetic, etc.) then you should not talk to the Prosecutor directly, but rather, hire a Criminal – DUI / DWI – Reckless Driving Lawyer Prince William VA from Dave Albo, so that can get you the best possible outcome


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