Sex Crime Lawyer Fairfax VA

Sex Crime Lawyer Fairfax VA

Sex Crime Lawyer Fairfax VA Clients Trust

Sex Crime Lawyer Fairfax VASo you have been accused of committing a crime. You just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. You’ve been told you have committed a crime that you haven’t done. They read your rights and offered you a Fairfax lawyer. You know you are innocent and it’s just a misunderstanding. You find yourself asking, do I really need a lawyer if I’m innocent?

The answer is absolutely yes. Even if you have complied with the police, answered all questions in the interrogation, you could still have formal charges filed against you. Even if you think it’s just a misunderstanding, if you have charges against you and you do not have a Fairfax VA sex crime lawyer, you are gambling with your life. Dave Albo – Attorney can help clear up your name.

Enlisting the Help of a Trusted Sex Crime Lawyer in Fairfax VA

If you are in police custody, many believe that asking for a lawyer is admitting guilt. That is completely false. In a just world, the innocent would not be charged, but it doesn’t always work out that way. When a person is innocent they often can get intimidated by the police and they can end up incriminating themselves trying to explain their innocence.

Police can be adamant if they believe you are guilty and they will not clear you until can prove your innocent without a doubt. It is why you need someone to counsel you during this tough time, you need someone to stand up for you and help you clear your name. Our sex crime lawyer Fairfax VA locals turn to can help you.

If the district attorney has formally filed charges against you, you need to remember their job is not to be impartial. The district attorney’s job is not to be your ally. They are in charge of making a case against you and to get a conviction, no matter how much you say you are innocent.

The prosecutor’s responsibility is to specifically look for evidence that makes you look guilty. One thing you must remember: if you have charges against you, that means that they think they have enough evidence to incriminate you. You need someone who is not intimidated by difficult cases and who experienced enough to build a case in your favor, like our sex crime lawyers at Dave Albo – Attorney.

Finding the Truth

A trial is very simple. Two lawyers, a prosecutor and a defense, go before a jury and a judge and present their case. Both lawyers try to construct a compelling story in which they represent what they think is the true account of the events. They expose evidence, they ask questions to witnesses and experts to prove their case. Each of them, trying to debunk each others story.

The hard part is gathering all the information, examining evidence and strategizing, and then presenting the case. Our lawyers have over 30 of experience dealing with criminal defense cases. Dave Albo – Attorney works hard to make sure there’s more than one story told. Do not hesitate to call us at (703) 867-8756 for a free consultation with a sex crime lawyer Fairfax VA residents trust. We are prepared to share your truth with top of the line investigating team having your back.


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