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Misdemeanor over Columbus Day Weekend

David was contacted over the weekend, promptly replied, and came to the jail to see me the next day on a Sunday. Other individuals I spoke with were having a very hard time getting a lawyer to respond on a Saturday and see them on a Sunday, so I considered myself quite fortunate to find David. When he spoke with me, he was very professional and explained my options and the potential outcomes of each very clearly.

I was initially quite concerned that I would not be bonded out and expected, at a minimum, to spend another night in jail after my bond hearing. I also anticipated having to spend money on bale bondsman, and that I would be required to return in a month or so for a court date. David was able to work with the Judge and Prosecutor to expedite the entire process. He was able to get the more serious of my two charges dropped and the remaining charge settled the same day as the bond hearing, which meant I did not have to post bond, I was released the same day, and I did not have to return later for a court date. Because I was in jail over the weekend, my time served was considered and my sentence was to remain on good behavior for 6 months.

I honestly could not be more please with the outcome and would certainly recommend David to anyone who finds themself in a situation that requires a lawyer.

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