Governor of Virginia has ordered that people’s access to legal services is an “essential service.” Therefore, my legal practice is open for business during the pandemic. I can meet with you over the phone or via video conference.

Professional Attitude

Mr. Albo was everything you look for in a lawyer. I had never ran into any trouble with the law nor had I delt with lawyers prior to getting accused of reckless driving. It was just one of those time when you are focused on other threats on the road and pace yourself off the cars around you. My vehicle was singled out over the others and I was potentially facing a large fine, loosing my license, and most damaging to my career: a class 1 misdemeanor on my record. Mr. Albo stayed in contact with me leading up to my case. He gathered information that proved very useful in the end. When it came to my day in court he presented said information to the prosecutor and got my entire case dismissed. He was able to recognize that I was a good hearted contributing member of the community and a safe driver and he was able to convey that to the prosecutor. I could not have been more satified with the legal reprisentation that was provided by Mr. Albo and his firm.

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“David Albo is amazing – super professional and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend retaining Dave’s services. He went out of his way to ensure all of my questions and concerns were addressed. Very friendly and quick to respond.”
Emilia S.
Client Review