Governor of Virginia has ordered that people’s access to legal services is an “essential service.” Therefore, my legal practice is open for business during the pandemic. I can meet with you over the phone or via video conference.

Truly the best lawyer to have in your corner!

I received my second reckless ticket within six months and after the first conviction I went to juvie for some time. With this second ticket in my corner I knew I needed help or else I would stuck and undoubtedly thrown back into juvie. I was going 51 in a 30, since it was barely a reckless Mr. Albo was able to help me get out of the reckless conviction and turning it into a plain speeding ticket. Also no license suspension at all in court. Without Mr. Albo in my side all of the punishments would’ve been extremely severe. 10/10 times I would recommend Mr. Albo, great lawyer and overall a great person.

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