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Wow — David came through again!

David recently came through a second time. A few years ago, my oldest daughter was in a minor accident and received a citation for not paying full time and attention while driving. David interviewed her and determined that the citation was unfair and flatly improper. David represented her in Court and after the evidence came in (with David’s objections to improper evidence repeatedly being sustained), the case was dismissed, with no citation, fine, court costs, points or record. As luck would have it, my younger daughter recently was also involved in an accident also received a similar citation. David interviewed her and realized that her citation too was completely improper. He also advised us how to deal with the insurance companies representing the other drivers. David then came thorough in Court again — after his evidentiary objections were repeatedly sustained, the Judge dismissed the case, with no citation, fine, court costs, points or record. I’m a lawyer (different kind) and can say that David really knows what he’s doing. Thanks!

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