Theft Criminal Defense Cases

Theft Criminal Defense Cases

Shoplifting Lawyer Fairfax VA

Shoplifting Lawyer Fairfax VAThose who have recently been arrested and now face a theft charge may want to meet with an attorney at Dave Albo – Attorney for representation. Our legal team has been committed to protecting the rights of those accused of crimes in this town for more than 30 years. We understand that being charged with a theft crime can impact the future of that person for potentially the rest of their lives. Depending on the details behind your arrest, a shoplifting lawyer may be able to get your charged dropped or greatly minimized.

Categories of Theft Cases

There are many kinds of theft cases in which the person arrested may face, depending on how and what kind of items were stolen. The categories of theft cases include:

  • Embezzlement: Transferring assets from one name to another, which keeps that rightful party from gaining access to funds.
  • Identity Theft: Stealing a person’s information including name and identification.
  • Credit Card Fraud: Unlawfully using another person’s debit/credit account information to make purchases.
  • Grand Theft: Stealing property or services which add up to a substantial value.
  • Shoplifting: When a customer steals items from a retail store.
  • Petty Theft: Stealing items or services on a smaller scale than grand theft.
  • Mislaid Property: Still keeping property in which a person had filed as lost or went missing.
  • False Pretenses: Misleading representation with an intention to deceive.
  • Larceny: To deliberately remove and permanently dispossess a person of their rightful property.
  • Burglary: Breaking into and invading another person’s home without approval and with an intent to commit a crime.

Hiring a Shoplifting Lawyer 

Any person who has been accused of a crime should seek legal guidance right away. Theft charges should be taken very seriously and the accused should not wait to consult with a shoplifting lawyer about what to expect next. Every criminal theft charge has its own legal standards in determining guilt or innocence of the accused. Hiring a Fairfax VA at Dave Albo – Attorney means you have a professional who has the proper training, knowledge, and strategy to help get you the verdict you desire.

Lawyer vs Public Defender

You may start to think about your options when it comes to legal representation for your criminal defense case. Those who want to save money may hire a public defender, instead of a lawyer in Fairfax VA. While this person may be free of charge or have reduced rates, they are likely going to be overworked, stressed and lack the time to commit fully to your case.

When it comes to fighting your theft charge, we highly recommend finding a shoplifting lawyer who has the energy, passion, and time to meet with you as needed. By hiring a public defender, this may result in a long-term conviction and maximum penalties. Do not take this risk when it comes to your future.

Please reach out to our law firm today to meet with a shoplifting lawyer Fairfax VA clients trust at Dave Albo – Attorney about your theft case. We cannot wait to start fighting for your rights and safeguarding your future. We hope to hear from you immediately. Do not wait!


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